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After going through conventional medical practitioners for too many years of disappointment, the time was overdue that I find a naturopath for my health concerns.

Doni Wilson was the ND I chose to meet with and truly, by taking the natural approach (rather than all of those medicines), including natural hormones, I quickly started to feel better.

Dr. Doni is very knowledgeable about the paths to take and continues to help me fine tune where I am going, nutritionally and supplement-wise.

Thank you Dr. Doni, my experiences with you have been sincerely remarkable.

Sharon E.


Welcome from Dr. Doni Wilson! To help you feel comfortable and understand the unique type of care I offer, I have included a series of educational resources for you to explore.

One-on-One Health Consultations

During your first appointment (or what I prefer to call your Health Breakthrough Session!) I will go over a variety of ways we can work together to transform your health challenges using natural, integrative treatments.

Whether you’re relatively healthy and have just a small nagging issue, or you’re ready to take charge of a pressing health condition, you can rest assured that I will design a comprehensive plan of action to suit your needs.

To find out about how to get the most out of our work together, and about follow up appointments, fees and communications, click here.

Appointments are available in Port Jefferson, NY;  Manhattan; Stamford, CT; and by phone.

Schedule Your First Appointment (click here)

The Wellness Club 

Many of my patients discover a new passion for living a healthy lifestyle and enjoy learning fresh ideas and practical ways to implement what they learn. They find it keeps them inspired and continuously growing in a positive way. That’s why I created an online forum for sharing, learning, getting inspired, and ask questions, all with the intent of optimal health.  Come join Dr. Doni’s Community!

The Hamptons Cleanse

I designed the Hamptons Cleanse as a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free cleanse to help restore your health and vitality. Are you experiencing health issues that are not resolving or are getting worse? Do you seem to be reacting to every food you eat? Then The Hamptons Cleanse may be for you.

Learn more here: The Hamptons Cleanse

Gluten Free Quest

I have used my personal and clinical expertise to create this extremely effective approach to eating gluten free. Gluten sensitivity is often overlooked, to the detriment of many. As you will discover here, Gluten Free Quest puts the focus on helping you to establish a new way of eating – gluten free – and to recover from the effects of gluten in your body.

Learn more: Gluten Free Quest at www.glutenfreequest.com

Looking for a Speaker?

I’m a frequent keynote speaker at health and wellness conferences and professional associations, and offer engaging seminars on the natural health solutions for women.
Click here to learn more about my speaker services.

Online Lectures

Checkout the variety of videos I have online. They cover a range of natural health topics, and are a great resource for those who want in-depth information on specific areas.

Watch here: Online Lectures at www.doctordoni.com/videos/


Learn more about my approach »

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Please Note: While all of my services focus on women’s issues, it does not exclude men and children. In fact it is not unusual for the women I work with to refer their husbands, brothers, and children to my practice. So rest assured ladies, your loved ones are welcome!

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