I started with the attitude of just taking a chance on something unconventional, and I was startled to see how quickly and effectively things improved.

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I started with the attitude of just taking a chance on something unconventional, and I was startled to see how quickly and effectively things improved.

Prior to working with Dr. Doni, I was wheezing every night brought on by what I thought was hay fever and chronic chest congestion that was very uncomfortable. I was ready to try anything.

What I liked about working with Dr. Doni was she explored the problem to its roots, not just treating the symptom. She took steps to find out what possible underlying issues there may be, and I was shocked to find out I was actually allergic to more than just pollen. The underlying allergies were really causing the problems. I like how she attacked the problem head-on initially and then try to make adjustments to get optimal results. This is a scientific approach of looking at a problem and its causes, not simply applying meaningless statistics to try to see if something works.

I also liked the fact that Dr. Doni’s approach uses the body's systems and natural approaches to treat a problem, and not chemicals. I like how responsive she is to questions and comments. The level of care that she provided is something I've never had with any kind of physician anywhere.

These days, here is what my life is like now since working with Dr. Doni…

1) I no longer wheeze at night. I would have been happy to just not wheeze as much, especially in the spring when my breathing was especially difficult at times. Now, I have no such issues.

2) I no longer have chest congestion during the day (or perhaps very little), so I don't have to persistently clear my throat.

3) With the dietary cleanse process, I've lost some weight too, which I could not get rid of even with exercise. It wasn't much weight loss, but it was enough to get me feeling more comfortable.

Overall, I'd have to say that my life has improved tremendously. Considering that I started with the attitude of just taking a chance on something unconventional, I was startled to see how quickly and effectively things improved. I literally went from wheezing every night (for only a few hours) to nothing at all in less than a week. I also now can't eat the foods that I liked, but I'll take breathing over eating any day. : )

Staying healthy isn't cheap. But not being healthy costs even more, monetarily, mentally and physically.

Sugar Loaf, NY

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