Dr. Doni helped me get my diabetes under control, I no longer suffer from allergies, and most of all, I have tons of energy!

Dr. Doni was referred to me by my nutritionist who I was working with to manage my Type 2 Diabetes through diet. But I still struggled with stress, was overly tired and experienced chronic allergies.

Dr. Doni spent time listening to me, learning about who I was and what I needed as an individual. It felt wonderful to be heard and acknowledged for what I was saying by my docotr. I was so used to being given pills and prescriptions!

Now, my diabetes is under control, I don't suffer from allergies, and most of all I have tons of energy! I feel confident that I can live my life with diabetes without it being a death sentence or traditional medications which have horrible side effects.

I am blessed that I was introduced to Dr. Doni! She has changed my life so I can live it to the fullest!

Caroline Ferenczi
Executive Assistant and Cabaret Singer
Bayside, NY