Break Your Stress Addiction (Episode 126)

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Break Your Stress Addiction (Episode 126)

Recovering from stress addiction starts with your unique stress type.
It's possible to become addicted to feeling stressed, which can lead to getting stuck in "stress mode." A path to recovery depends on your unique stress type.

In this episode we talk about stress addiction and how to recover from it.

First, we must acknowledge that being human involves exposure to stress!

Research shows that over 60% of us had an adverse childhood event and at least 70% of us have experienced a major stress loss or trauma in adulthood.

When we exist as humans in these stressful environments it starts to feel normal to be stressed.

In fact, we can become addicted to feeling stressed and so we get stuck in stress mode. Our bodies’ cortisol and adrenaline levels get imbalanced, and our nervous system operates in constant stress alert.

Cortisol and adrenaline are our main stress hormones. It’s not that we want zero adrenaline and it’s not that we want zero cortisol. These are substances that we need a healthy amount of every day.

These hormones are unique to everyone. One person in stress mode might have high cortisol high adrenaline while another person might be low cortisol and low adrenaline.

I remember when my daughter was young, and I was running my practice and seeing patients and trying to keep up with my house and everything until it felt like I could barely breathe. Sprinting through each day barely getting enough sleep. I know many of you feel the same way, how are we supposed to catch up when we can’t even keep up?

I kept doing research on stress until I figured out the protocol that addresses the different stress types for each person so I can help every patient in a specific way.

It’s about figuring out what was thrown out of balance by stress, what got disrupted by stress: The cortisol levels, the adrenaline levels, GABA, iron, magnesium, etc.

Many times, patients ask me how can I be tired and anxious at the same time? It’s not logical!

Sometimes our bodies are not that black and white so you could have one system that’s causing you to feel over stimulated (high adrenaline) and at the same time you could feel tired (low cortisol or low iron).

Your body is trying to tell you it needs help! It is trying to tell you that there is something out of balance, so we need to look at the symptoms and look for patterns to act on them. Of course, we could temporarily fix this with caffeine or even a Xanax but you would not be acting on the root of the problem and therefore you will not be really healing.

Healing from Stress Addiction

There are ways to rebalance your body using nutrients and herbs and even exposure to nature that help us reset and help your body re-calibrate and rebalance.

Recovery activities like journaling, listening to music, doing mindfulness or meditation, spending time in nature, spending time with our pets or listening to the sounds in nature, all of this helps recalibrate our nervous system or vagus nerve and it signals calmness to our brain.

There are ways I can teach you to know your stress type and start addressing it by using nutrients, start practicing mindfulness that helps you to gain more self-love and compassion and practice connecting with others.

I have done extensive research throughout the years which has allowed me to write several books about stress, including my most recent one Master Your Stress Reset Your Health.

I found stress recovery is unique to each person based on their stress type. There are different ways of implementing diet, sleep, exercise changes for each person for each stress type.

I invite you to join me in whichever format works best for you whether it’s ordering the book and reading the paper back or listening to the audiobook or listening to more episodes of How Humans Heal or reading the blog posts and guides available on my website, or meeting with me one-on-one or joining me in one of my group programs. I’m making my protocol available in many different forms because again we’re not all the same, we’re not all one size one-size-fits-all in terms of how stress affects us, nor how we best learn or apply stress recovery.

I am so glad you are here and look forward to connecting with you again soon take care. Please subscribe, share, and post a review if you find this information helpful.

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