Learning from Real Cases with Dr. Doni (Episode 124)

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Learning from Real Cases with Dr. Doni (Episode 124)

Dr. Doni shares 6 real cases from her practice that show the range of symptoms associated with leaky gut.
Leaky gut presents in different ways for each person. Here are 6 real cases from my practice that show the range of symptoms. In some cases, it wasn’t obvious up front that they had leaky gut! 

In this episode of How Humans Heal, I share recent examples of 6 real cases from my practice and how they relate to leaky gut, even though it wasn’t obvious that they had leaky gut! 

  • Case 1: Woman with autoimmunity and joint pain who was under extreme stress now knows which foods to avoid, and which to choose, as well as the supplements to heal leaky gut, recover from stress, and prevent autoimmunity from flaring. She’s feeling better and onto phase 3 of my protocol, so today I helped her with maintenance tips.  
  • Case 2: Woman who worked with a different practitioner to treat SIBO and C Diff, and then developed urticaria (hives). She called me to figure out what to do besides take Zyrtec every day. I identified that leaky gut was never addressed and likely there are still overgrowing bacteria that are triggering the hives.   
  • Case 3: Woman who came in complaining of a burning rash behind her ears and inside her mouth. The key question is “what are you eating differently?” It turns out she’s been eating cherry tomatoes all summer and is having an inflammatory reaction. Any inflammatory issue ends up causing leaky gut – it’s time to heal it again. 
  • Case 4: A woman with a history of autoimmunity, which is associated with leaky gut, but hasn’t been told that she has leaky gut. Her main symptom now is bloating, which is caused by overgrowing gut bacteria. We are running the tests I recommend so I have the information I need to help her be most efficient with feeling better. Her results just came in and indicate severe leaky gut.  
  • Case 5: Man who saw a gastroenterologist for an endoscopy and colonoscopy, but they can’t see leaky gut that way. And he was prescribed an antacid, which ends up decreasing digestion of food, even healthy food. Undigested food overfeeds bacteria, leading to bloating and leaky gut. And he was intermittent fasting too long, which stresses our system more.  
  • Case 6: A woman who had Grave’s disease, another autoimmune condition, is celebrating 12 weeks of pregnancy. That means I helped her to turn off autoimmunity and prevent a miscarriage – hooray!  

I find it SO interesting to observe how leaky gut presents different ways for each person.  

I want you to know that you are not alone, and that even if you have symptoms that other practitioners have not been able to solve, I’m here to help you solve it. 

If you have been trying to figure out how to heal your body and leaky gut, join me in the Leaky Gut Program

Don’t recreate the wheel, so to speak! I have it all figured out and streamlined for you, so all you need to do is follow my protocol.  

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