Master Your Stress, Reset Your Health: Dr. Doni Wilson on Reset Renew Revive with Dr. Bindiya Gandhi

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Master Your Stress, Reset Your Health: Dr. Doni Wilson on Reset Renew Revive with Dr. Bindiya Gandhi

Dr. Doni was interviewed by Dr. Bindiya Gandhi about how to reset, manage stress, and make lifestyle changes to help your body heal... before focusing on re-balancing your hormones.

In today’s episode Dr. Doni Wilson, an expert in Naturopathic medicine, breaks down the effects of high and low cortisol and the effects of burnout. Instead of using therapies to address the side effects of adrenal distress, She shares insight from her new book “Master your Stress: Reset your Health,” showing you how to manage stress and make lifestyle changes to help your body heal before focusing on rebalancing your hormones.

Key takeaways:

[6:45] Adrenaline distress: How burnout is affecting our body

[11:30] Finding the balance for your cortisol and adrenaline levels

[14:00] Learning how to react to stress in a healthy way?

[17:00] High levels of cortisol: Banaba leaf for resetting cortisol receptors

[18:00] Addressing Low levels of cortisol

[21:10] Cortisol effects 4 major systems: digestion, immune system, fertility and neurotransmitters

[25:00] First get out of stress mode before you start rebalancing things

[27:08] Helping your body heal instead of using a bandaid for temporary relief

[31:26] Have more compassion for yourself

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Quotes from the Episode:

“ We can’t eliminate stress and live in a bubble but guess what we cando, we can learn how to react to stress differently.”  [14:26] Dr. Bindiya Gandhi

“Whether the Cortisol levels are high or low it is sending a stress signal.”  [21:48] -Dr.Doni

“If you are serotonin and gaba is low and you start pushing more cortisol and adrenaline, how are you going to feel? You’re going to be anxious, irritable and overstimulated.” [24:10] -Dr.Doni

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