What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About HPV (Episode 116)

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What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About HPV (Episode 116)

Dr. Doni covers everything you need to know about HPV – including some of the things your doctor won't tell you.
Dr. Doni's protocol for HPV is based on 22+ years of helping women in her practice, and it goes beyond how traditional medicine addresses and treats HPV.

I’ve helped thousands of women to address HPV over the past 22+ years, and I’m here to share what I’ve learned with you.

Your doctor may have told you about HPV:

  • HPV (especially the high risk types) can cause cancer
  • HPV can go away (negative on a test) on its own within 2 years (90% do)
  • Come back in 6-12 months to do another pap and see if it’s still there
  • If HPV remains or if it causes abnormal cells, your doctor will offer medical procedures to remove the cells (or part of your cervix and/or your uterus)

What your doctor likely did NOT tell you about HPV:

  • Removing the abnormal cells (or cancer) doesn’t kill the virus – abnormal cells can recur
  • Repeat procedures can increase risk of miscarriage and other issues
  • There is no pharmaceutical/medical treatment to kill HPV
  • Most all of us have been exposed to it – that’s part of being a sexually active human
  • Stress and stressing about HPV makes you more susceptible to HPV
  • There are effective treatments for HPV and to get it to negative on your test results
  • Your cervix can heal and grow new healthy cells after abnormal cells are removed
  • It’s possible for HPV to go to negative and stay negative

And what your doctor may have told you about HPV that I have found only makes you more stressed:

  • It’s your fault for being exposed to HPV by having sex

You are human. Humans have sex. Humans get exposed to HPV (and other microbes, and emotions, and energies) when having sex.

Whether HPV exposure causes abnormal cells or cancer is completely related to your susceptibility to the virus.

What I do is teach you to understand what is making you susceptible to the HPV virus, and then what to do to change that situation.

And it’s NOT just about taking a whole bunch of AHCC! Yes, AHCC is a mushroom extract that has been studied and shows effectiveness at improving immune function again viruses. However, I don’t suggest putting all your strategy on one supplement. And I don’t suggest taking a whole bunch of supplements for the rest of your life either. That’s not the point.

The point is…

  • Stress exposure (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, chemical, toxins) causes imbalances in your body
  • Those imbalances may include imbalanced hormones, nutrient levels, neurotransmitter levels, digestion, gut bacteria, vaginal bacteria, mindset, self-talk, energy, prioritization, etc.
  • When we are imbalanced due to stress, we become susceptible to the effects of HPV (and other viruses)
  • We need to look at you as an individual, figure out what is out of balance, and rebalance it (all).

Important notes:

  • If you have cancer cells, they must be treated by an oncologist
  • If HPV is testing positive (whether abnormal cells or not) you can take steps now to prevent it from causing abnormal cells (again)
  • It is important that you go back for a pap/colpo in the recommended time frame to make sure the protocol you are following is effective for you

Dr. Doni’s HPV Protocol

My HPV protocol is different because it…

  • Puts the focus on you and what makes you unique
  • Helps you prioritize yourself
  • Puts you in the driver’s seat of your health and future
  • Gives your body what it needs to rebalance
  • Fends off HPV because you become healthy
  • Teaches you what your body needs in order to stay healthy going forward
  • Takes the focus off of exposure and puts the focus on what you can do to heal

It’s important that you know that my protocol…

  • Involves diet changes and nutrients using clinical nutrition doses because I’m a Clinical Nutritionist
  • Involves diet, herbs, homeopathy, peptides and other natural approaches because I’m a Naturopathic Doctor (licensed in AZ, CA, WA and CT) and Certified Professional Midwife
  • Teaches you about testing that is not available in the regular doctor’s office or lab so that we can determine what your body needs in order to heal
  • Addresses your whole body, not just your cervix or vagina
  • Addresses your whole self, not just the physical level
  • Has been used by thousands of women successfully

However, if you only follow my protocol partially, or you make modifications based on what you do or don’t want to do, then the success rate decreases.

My protocol requires that you…

  • Are willing to look at yourself, your patterns, and what makes you susceptible to HPV
  • Are willing to be with your feelings, fears, and process them
  • Are willing to prioritize yourself in terms of time, emotionally, and financially
  • Put your focus on healing, knowing yourself, and changing what is making you susceptible

Sign up for my 5 days to Heal HPV Workshop – it is FREE and the next workshop begins July 18th.

When you sign up, you’ll get access to sign up for a 10-minute call with me where I’ll review your pap/colpo results and provide my impressions.

I offer several ways to access my protocol…

  1. The Say Goodbye to HPV 12-week online program with 2 live group calls per month
  2. Work with me one-on-one in a consultation program which includes testing and follow up sessions

Or a combination of the two – HPV Priority Solution (start here to get more information)

Wellness wishes, as always!

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