How I Choose High Quality Supplements (Episode 114)

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How I Choose High Quality Supplements (Episode 114)

It is essential to use high-quality supplements at effective doses – and to customize your supplements protocol based on what your body needs.
In this episode, Dr. Doni describes what it takes to find the highest quality and most effective supplements – and how to customize your supplement protocol based on your individual health needs.

Ultimately, it’s about giving your body the nutrients, herbs, and other support from nature to help you recover from depletion and disruptions caused by stress.  

We are stressed as humans. Stress decreases our ability to digest food and can cause leaky gut and imbalanced gut bacteria. It also makes us susceptible to infections, including viral infections, as well as low serotonin and GABA. These can be addressed clinically with nutrients, herbs, homeopathic remedies, and peptides. Hormone imbalances can also be addressed.  

It is essential to use high quality supplements at effective doses. This is not something you have to figure out on your own. That would require hours and hours (years even) of research and trials. And they are not supplements you will find at the regular store. 

That’s why I do what I do. Using my training, with a doctorate degree from Bastyr University, which was a 5-year, post-graduate, in-person degree program and residency which I completed 22 years ago.   

Nor should you need to figure out what to take together or apart, or potential interactions. That’s all part of my training and continuing education. It’s also what I teach naturopathic students who train with me.  

In my case, I’ve chosen to run an online store where I can make these high-quality supplements available to you and my patients. I don’t want my suggestions or your access to be limited to certain companies determined by a distributor. I want to make it possible for you to get the products that are most effective clinically. I also want to make sure you know you can access those supplements from a trusted source. To do that, I have to research and maintain a store for you to use.  

The store here on my site ( was recently updated to make it easier for you to use and to find what you need. We carry over 700 products from companies I have vetted and products I’ve tested on myself and used clinically.  

I also decided to create my own supplement company – Nature Empowered Nutritionals – so that I can offer you the supplements I recommend based on my Stress Recovery Protocol, as described in Master Your Stress Reset Your Health. Other practitioners who create a supplement choose based on what is easiest to formulate. I chose based on wanting you to have exactly the ingredients that I find to be most effective.  

I know it can seem too good to be true. When we are dealing with chronic illness and feeling lost in the medical system, it can be hard to believe that solutions exist. And I’m not saying this is the right fit for everyone. It is always important to know your body, your preferences, your allergies and sensitivities, and your medical history. 

It is imperative to customize your supplement protocol based on your individual case. That’s why I offer group online programs and one-on-one consultations with me so that you can get access to the information you need, and testing to understand the imbalances in your body, so that you can pinpoint exactly what your body needs.  

It is not about taking a bunch of random supplements. It is about understanding human physiology, biochemistry, clinical nutrition, herbalism, homeopathy, and research about how to support the body to heal.  

For example, if you have elevated cortisol levels, there are specific nutrients and herbs to help bring it back down to optimal. If you have low serotonin (which we can also measure), then we know 5HTP, as a precursor nutrient, will give your body what it needs to make more. How much and when to take it, and what if you are on medications? Then you need to meet with me one-on-one so I can guide you.  

I feel it is my role and purpose to provide information about the protocol I’ve identified in the process of healing by body and helping thousands of patients. That’s what my team helps me to create at where we have lots of free resources in addition to learning opportunities and access to the highest quality and effective supplements.  

Thank you so much for your feedback, questions, and trust.  

—Dr. Doni

To read more about the concepts in this episode, be sure to get a hold of my new book, Master Your Stress, Reset Your Health.

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