How to Manage and Optimize Stress Levels: Dr. Doni Wilson on The Epic Table with Eric Churchill

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How to Manage and Optimize Stress Levels: Dr. Doni Wilson on The Epic Table with Eric Churchill

Dr. Doni is interviewed by Eric Churchill about our bio-individuality and how unique stressors change the way we can manage stress and become resilient to it.

Episode Notes:

Today’s episode is particularly interesting and relevant. I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Doni Wilson who is a naturopathic doctor, a clinical nutritionist, a best-selling author of The Stress Remedy, and now she is the author of her new book, Master Your Stress Reset Your Health. Dr. Doni specializes in the field of stress and building our bodies to properly manage and optimize stress levels. From observing women in labor and giving birth, she realized that a certain amount of cortisol and adrenaline (stress) is needed to successfully give birth. This caused Dr. Doni to understand that all stress isn’t bad, and what we need to do is learn how to give the necessary support to individuals in high-stress situations to achieve the optimum cortisol and adrenaline levels. An amazing thing we talk about is how our bio-individuality and unique stressors change the way we can manage and even optimize stress… and ultimately, become resilient to it. In today’s episode we specifically discuss:

We discuss cortisol, what it does, and healthy levels

  • Is it good to have cortisol?
  • What are the symptoms of high cortisol levels?
  • What are the symptoms of low cortisol levels?
  • Is cortisol the same as adrenaline? 
  • What should my cortisol level be?
  • What do cortisol levels indicate?

We also discuss adrenaline, its impact, and healthy levels

  • What type of hormone is adrenaline? 
  • What is stress?
  • What causes stress?

We discuss the relationship between exercise and stress

  • Why does exercise reduce stress?
  • How does exercise affect cortisol levels?
  • Can exercise cause high cortisol levels?

I find this topic of stress management so interesting as it relates to essentially every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s work, relationships, or reflecting upon yourself, stress is a present and necessary feeling. The problem arises when we don’t know how to properly manage stress. If you want to learn more about how to optimize stress and improve your life, connect with Dr. Doni at the following links:

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