Address Underlying Causes with Dr. Doni (Episode 86)

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Address Underlying Causes with Dr. Doni (Episode 86)

What could be the underlying causes of a chronic health issue: A past trauma or stress, a toxin exposure, an injury or infection, the use of a medication, or the loss of a loved one?
Dr. Doni talks about how to start raising your awareness for the underlying causes of chronic health issues, such as past traumas, common limiting beliefs, and other things that perpetuate our stress cycle.  

It is becoming more common to hear the phrase, “address the underlying causes.” 

That is a phrase that is ingrained in my training as a naturopathic doctor (I graduated from Bastyr University in the year 2000). Professors and mentors challenged us to think about what could be underlying a patient’s health issue, whether that be a past trauma or stress, a toxin exposure, an injury or infection, the use of a medication, the loss of a loved one or a relationship, and so on.  

It is this way of thinking that, I have to say, has made the biggest impact on my life and health. And it has informed the way I help my patients for over 21 years now.  

Whether you are struggling with fatigue, sleep issues, anxiety or depression, digestive troubles, weight gain, skin rashes, migraines, menstrual-related or fertility issues, autoimmunity, cancer, and/or chronic viral infections, such as HPV and EBV…when you address the underlying causes, you are much more likely to achieve lasting resolution.   

And this is the case no matter what your genes are! I say this because every week I receive phone calls from people asking me whether I can help them with their genes. The answer is yes, and I have an upcoming episode on that topic to go into more detail.  

But the best way to address your genes is to address your stress, which is another way of saying “address the underlying causes.” We have to figure out what has turned on your genetic predispositions and take steps to give your body the support it needs to turn those susceptibilities back off again.  

In this episode, I encourage you to consider:  

  • How past stresses and traumas could be the underlying causes your health issues 
  • Common limiting beliefs set in childhood that could be sabotaging your health now 
  • How we become susceptible to addictions that perpetuate our stress 
  • The connection between mind and body, and how it can show up 
  • Ways you may leave yourself vulnerable that you didn’t even realize 
  • How to start raising your awareness for underlying causes  

By simply asking the question of yourself – what is at the root of this health issue – you may already get a download of information from within yourself and your intuition.  

To do that, however, sometimes requires that we create space in our day and life for self-reflection, even for 1 to 10 minutes at a time. Be sure to listen in to the examples I provide and ways you can start to become more aware of connections, underlying causes, and unresolved issues that you can now address.  

I believe it is possible to live a life you love with passion and purpose… without ruining your health. It does require awareness, self-reflection, acceptance, forgiveness, and willingness to choose differently. 

I look forward to your comments, and if you enjoy this episode (and others) please leave a review on Apple podcast or your favorite place for listening to How Humans Heal.

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