Investigating Underlying Causes to Identify Solutions with Reed Davis (Episode 63)

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Investigating Underlying Causes to Identify Solutions with Reed Davis (Episode 63)

Dr. Doni Wilson's Podcast: How Humans Heal
Dr. Doni speaks with Reed Davis about the future of medicine and healing, and how conventional medicine fits into the big picture of the healing model.

“The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates 

After over a decade working in a wellness clinic, Reed Davis went out on his own to develop protocols and testing to help guide people to identify the underlying causes of their health issues, and then to address them. Reed then created an institute to train and support health coaches – called Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN). He has since trained over 3000 health coaches, in over 50 countries, with his approach.  

To Reed, not taking the chance to examine what is happening in the human body is not worth choosing. He calls the information that is discovered “healing opportunities” because the information guides us as to what the body needs. 

It’s not that health issues indicate a drug deficiency. Instead, they tell us that epigenetic causes – for example diet and environmental exposures – are causing health issues. Specialized labs, that are not done in the conventional medical system, are able to identify the changes that can transform our health, and our children’s health. 

It was so much fun to talk with Reed about our parallel experiences helping patients. I think it is so interesting how he and I identified a similar view of healing during the same/similar time frame on opposite sides of the country – I’ve been seeing patients in the NY area over the past 20+ years, while he has been living and doing his work from CA. 

Reed’s mission to help more people access effective testing and healing support has absolutely made a difference. I feel so honored to have him as a friend and colleague. And I’m proud to say that I have an FDN trained by Reed in my practice to help my patients.  

In this episode we talk about: 

  • What inspired Reed to create FDN 
  • Why tests are so important for identifying underlying causes 
  • What types of “functional labs” does Reed recommend 
  • How Reed sees the future of medicine and healing 
  • How does conventional medicine fit into the big picture of the healing model 
  • Asking “why” we and/or our children have a health issue, and finding solutions based on the “why” 
  • Understanding the effect of epigenetics, and harnessing epigenetics to find solutions 
  • How having a health coach as part of your health team makes a difference 
  • What it is like to be trained as an FDN 
  • Find out more about the health coach training program (and community) Reed developed

I can’t agree more with Reed when it comes to the value of seeking out information about what is going on inside our bodies. What are your hormone levels, neurotransmitter levels, food sensitivities, gut microbiome status, toxin levels, etc. With that information, we can know what your body needs in order to heal.  

I also agree that following a step-by-step approach that includes diet changes, adequate sleep, appropriate exercise and plenty of stress reduction is key for long term success with your health.  

If you resonate with the conversation Reed and I have in this interview, and you’re looking for support to do testing and identify underlying causes for your case, please reach out to me and my office. And if you are thinking of becoming a health coach with FDN, you can sign up to find out more at 

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