Holiday Gift Ideas for SelfCARE

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Holiday Gift Ideas for SelfCARE

Give the gift of self care this holiday season with Dr. Doni's holiday gift ideas to eat clean, improve sleep, reduce stress, and exercise.
This holiday season, give the give of healthy habits to your loved ones – while introducing some selfCARE into your daily practice. Here are Dr. Doni's Holiday Gift Ideas focused on selfCARE: Clean eating, Adequate sleep, Reducing stress, and Exercising.

This holiday season, give the give of healthy habits to your loved ones – while introducing some selfCARE into your daily practice. Here are Dr. Doni’s Holiday Gift Ideas focused on selfCARE: Clean eating, Adequate sleep, Reducing stress, and Exercising.
Give the gift of self care this holiday season with Dr.Doni's gift ideas to eat clean, improve sleep, reduce stress and exercise.

‘Tis the season to be jolly… and also gift the ones we love. This year, however, let’s skip the neckties, funny mugs, chemical-rich perfumes, and unnecessary “things” that your friends and family don’t need. How about some healthy holiday gift ideas instead?

How about gifting them the power of selfCARE?

To me selfCARE is all about Clean eating, Adequate sleep, Reducing stress, and Exercising – read more about it here: Introducing Self-Care Into Your Daily Practice.

And the reason behind selfCARE is to give our bodies what they need in order to recover from the various stresses that are part of life. Acute and chronic stress disrupts healthy cortisol levels, which in turn, throws our digestion, immune system, nervous system, and hormones out of sync.

I specialize in helping people to find out exactly how stress has affected their health, and by getting to the root cause of their health issues, we can turn things around to get you back to feeling well now—and into the future.

What is the best way to reverse the effects of stress on your cortisol, body, and mind? With SelfCARE… and don’t you think your loved ones deserve that, too?

Dr. Doni’s SelfCARE Holiday Gift Ideas

Clean Eating: Jumpstart Your Journey!

Prep Dish Food Service

Holiday Gift Ideas from Dr. Doni: Healthy and delicious meals don't have to be hard with Prep Dish.I have to say I’m so very proud of my friend Allison, the nutritionist who created Prep Dish. Now, with recipes sent to you based on your dietary restrictions, there’s no more guesswork or feeling like you are out of ideas for dinner (again). She plans everything out for you, so all you need to do is shop and cook. Best of all, Allison makes avoiding your food sensitivities EASY!

Paleo Treats

Holiday Gift Ideas from Dr. Doni: Paleo-friendly treats are great for those with certain health restrictions looking to enjoy something sweet and salty.I know, those treats look delicious! And, yes, they taste amazing too. And double yes, they won’t leave you feeling horrible just for indulging a bit. Paleo Treats makes the best-tasting gluten and dairy-free brownies, tarts, and bars I’ve ever come across – and get this, the only sweetener they use is honey. These are a perfect gift for someone who is gluten and dairy-free but loves a good dessert every once in a while.

Adequate Sleep – Products That Can Help

True Dark GlassesHoliday Gift Ideas from Dr. Doni: Protect your eyes from harmful lights and rays to increase energy, focus, and enjoy better sleep at night.

For the person in your life who is a night owl and exposed to artificial light when it is dark outside, these blue-light blocking glasses look good protecting their eyes and preventing light from having a negative effect on their health. Did you know that blue light decreases melatonin levels, which we need at night? Stop blue light in its tracks, and support healthy sleep, by gifting True Dark Glasses to someone who needs these after dusk each day.

Dr. Doni’s Sleep Support Natural Supplement

Natural sleep support to sleep 7.5+ hours a night without feeling groggy in the morning.I know I sound like a broken record here but SERIOUSLY, 7.5+ hours a night is a must – PERIOD. For loved ones who have trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep, or for those who travel and change time zones often, Sleep Support contains a combination of herbs and nutrients*, plus 3 mg of melatonin, to signal your body it’s time to get to sleep – and stay asleep.

Reducing Stress – and Daily Stress Triggers

The Spa Doctor Natural Skin Care Treatment

Holiday Gift Ideas from Dr. Doni: Clear, beautiful skin is possible with natural ingredients that heal and strengthen.Stress comes in many forms, including toxins in our skincare products. When you look at the ingredients in most products, there will be a (long) list of ingredients, which absorb right through your skin, into your body, and can not only work directly as a toxin but also disrupt hormone levels which lead to health issues with continued use over time. Why use products that increase risk when instead we can use products with completely non-toxic ingredients that do just as good of a job cleaning and moisturizing our skin but without the negative side effects.

My good friend and colleague, Dr. Trevor Cates, developed this skincare line she calls The Spa Doctor with this promise in mind… and yes, I use her products every day.

Ziva Meditation Course

Give the gift of meditation and relaxation with the Ziva Online program.For a friend or loved one who has been wanting to learn how to meditate but could use some guidance and support, this online meditation course, created by my friend Emily, makes learning to meditate easy and fun. Become a pro before you know by being able to meditate anytime, anywhere, with simple steps that can change your health and life.

Zenergy Tea

Holiday Gift Ideas from Dr. DoniA cup of tea – especially when it is organic – can be the perfect way to reduce stress. The ingredients in this particular blend are meant to decrease cortisol and re-balance your hormones while healing your brain. What a perfect gift for the person in your life who works long hours and needs a simple way to relax in the evening.

Exercising – and Finding Ways to Fit It In

Flipping Fifty: Stronger!

A great gift idea: 12 weeks of accountability and action to get the body, energy, and focus you want.Looking for a gift for someone eager to get in shape in 2020? My friend Debra teaches online strength and exercise classes so you can exercise from home with the support you need. She specializes in helping men and women over the age of 50 beat the odds and catch up with exercise habits that last.

Jigsaw Electrolyte Packets™ – in Berry or Lemon-Lime

Last but not least on my list holiday gift ideas, this electrolyte powder comes in handy packets and contains a broad spectrum of electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins in each serving. Replenish and rehydrate your body by adding one scoop of Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme™ to your water for a refreshing and nourishing energy-boosting beverage.

You can be the reason someone starts 2020 off on the healthiest foot possible!

Ways to Practice Self Care

Self-care doesn’t have to mean expensive trips to all-inclusive hotels and binge-eating boxes of chocolate. It’s the everyday baby steps we take – and help others take – to pause, rebalance, and keep moving forward.

You can’t pour from an empty… or broken… cup, friend. So embrace self-care for however YOUR BODY needs it most.

Other ways to practice self-care include:

  • Getting outside in nature.
  • Having a cup of herbal tea.
  • Stretching for 15 minutes.
  • Enjoying a great lunch and conversation with friends.

Dr. Doni’s Self-Care Kickstarter Package

For overall self-care, you could help a loved-one get started with:
  • Stress Warrior (Book): Dr. Doni’s latest best selling book on how to become resilient to stress by healing leaky gut, balancing cortisol and neurotransmitters, and knowing your genetics. Complete with stories from successful Stress Warriors who followed her protocol.
  • Foundational Daily Support Packets: Multivitamin, fish oil, probiotics, vitamin D, and magnesium, all in convenient twice-a-day dosing packets to make it easy to get the perfect set of nutrients for wellness and prevention.
  • 1 Pea Protein Shake Container: Get in the habit of avoiding dairy (whey) and having protein by making a protein shake using Dr. Doni’s vegan protein powder. It comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors (your choice in this gift package) and is sweetened with stevia (plant-based) not sugar. Perfect for someone wanting to balance blood sugar, optimize weight and heal leaky gut.
  • Stress Remedy Program Guide with Shake Recipes Included

Gift these all together in this Self-Care Kickstarter Package now available.

Hope these holiday gift ideas make shopping less stressful for you! Wishing you all a holiday season filled with love, joy, and selfCARE.

–Dr. Doni
12th December 2019

*Please keep in mind that any and all supplements – nutrients, herbs, enzymes, or other – should be used with caution. My recommendation is that you seek the care of a naturopathic doctor (with a doctorate degree from a federally-accredited program) and that you have a primary care physician or practitioner whom you can contact to help you with individual dosing and protocols. If you ever experience negative symptoms after taking a product, stop taking it immediately and contact your doctor right away.

Disclaimer: For some of these products, I may receive a small fee for each purchase as an afilliate. That said, I only endorse products, programs, and services that I believe in and have seen a positive impact on the people who use them – including myself!

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