Become A Stress Warrior: An Interview With Dr. Emily Kiberd

Join Dr. Emily Kiberd and Dr. Doni as they discuss the important of healthy routines that prepare the body for stress exposure and how to beat it.

The right habits can help you to be stress free.

We all know that stress is inevitable, right? Even with the best of intentions to keep our calm and see through situations, stress can manifest itself physically, mentally and emotionally.

It’s through healthier practices and habits that we can better prepare and recover from stress. Join Dr. Emily Kiberd and I as we talk stress—and the coping techniques you need—on her podcast, Muscle Medicine!

You’ll hear:

  • Some of the sneaky ways stress shows up (even if you don’t know it) and what to look for…
  • Things to talk to your doctor about (and which tests he or she may not be giving you that you need!)
  • Daily activities to help your body recover from stress (and how overtraining isn’t one of them!)

Take a listen, now!

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Dr. Emily Kiberd

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