Talking About Stress Recovery: Dr. Doni in Manila

Dr. Doni Wilson takes her message of stress recovery to the Philippines, with in-person events and TV & radio appearances. She focused on re-optimizing cortisol and adrenaline, and then maintaining those healthy levels.

Dr. Doni Wilson takes her message of stress recovery to the Philippines, with in-person events and TV & radio appearances.I had the great pleasure to travel to Manila, in the Philippines, to share the Stress Remedy approach, thanks to Healthy Options health food store. What an honor and inspiration to connect with people from around the world about stress, how they experience it, and ways they can help their bodies to recover from stress – and become more resilient to it.

It was also quite special to me because the last time I was in Manila was 18 years ago when I stayed there for about a month to deliver over 100 babies at a local hospital as part of my midwifery training. I also traveled around the Philippines back then to see volcanos, rice terraces, and beaches. To return was like coming to back to cherished memories.

While in Manila this time, I had the opportunity to tour two of the amazing Healthy Options stores and was so impressed with their inventory, including gluten-free and organic foods. It is most definitely a “stress-free zone!” Healthy Options was sure to reach out to as many people as possible with this message of stress recovery.

Live Appearances on TV & Radio

I joined Karen Davila on her morning TV show called Headstart (see short clip above) and the Boys Night Out on their evening radio show. I was also interviewed by 12 members of the media at a press conference.

Dr. Doni Wilson with the "Boys Night Out" evening radio showThey all asked me about stress, how it affects us, and what we can do to stay well even when stressed. We discussed foods that are a stress, such as sugar and gluten. We also discussed lack of sleep as stress, which turns out to be of particular concern in Manila where people work long hours. A number of people work the night shift at call centers, so that was a stress we were sure to discuss. If you are concerned about any of these factors, I have lots of info on each so you can learn more:

Stress Solutions: Steps You Can Take

No matter what the stress – and we are all exposed to stress, so there is no use in ignoring it – the best solution is to integrate stress solutions throughout the day, every day. Examples are to make sure and have smaller meals with protein, healthy fats and veggies or fruits, to get at least 7.5 hours of sleep, to take breaks throughout the day, and to practice yoga, meditation, mindfulness or your favorite stress reducing activity each day.

The next step is to have your cortisol and adrenaline level checked. Not just blood levels at one time of day. We need to see your cortisol curve, from the time you wake to the time you go to sleep (even if you work the night shift). This can be done with a urine or saliva test, where I learned are available in the Philippines. Then you can use nutrients and herbs specific to your cortisol imbalance to help bring the levels back to optimal and help your body recover from stress exposure.

Once your cortisol is optimized, then it’s all about maintaining those healthy levels so that you can be most resilient to stress exposure. I know Filipinos have access to this support at Healthy Options stores, especially because I trained their employees – who are pharmacists and nutritionists – on how to help people recover from stress by re-optimizing cortisol and adrenaline. I also showed the Healthy Options employees the importance of healing leaky gut (caused by stress) and balancing healthy bacteria and neurotransmitters (disrupted by stress).

Dr. Doni Wilson signs books at her appearance in Manila, PhilippinesWe discussed all this and more at a private event at the Shangri-La Hotel, where I presented the steps of the Stress Remedy approach and program to 200 attendees who took notes and asked questions to help them succeed. I signed over 100 Stress Remedy books – including 1 giant size book for the owner of Healthy Options – and had a chance to talk with the people who came to the event, including two sisters who drove 10 hours to attend.

The take away message was that we can’t escape stress – it is a part of life. Just as women having a baby need just the right amount of stress in order for labor to progress, we all need an optimal amount of stress and anti-stress in order to thrive. Too much or too little stress, and health issues begin to develop.

Dr. Doni Wilson signs books at her appearance in Manila, PhilippinesIt was one of the top moments of my life to experience so many people eager to receive the information that I am so passionate to research and write about each day. I feel grateful and humble – and I’m excited for everyone who takes this information and uses it. I know that this information has the potential to change lives, families, and futures. It is my honor to play a part in that in some way.

Thank you, Healthy Options and Manila for having me. And thank you to each of you who took a chance to listen and be inspired about what’s possible for your health.

–Dr. Doni
6th March 2018

Doni Wilson at Healthy Options in the Phillipines

Dr. Doni Wilson with Karen Davila and the crew on her morning TV show