Dr. Doni’s Cold and Flu Tips – 5 Steps for Fighting Viruses and Infections (Podcast)

This year’s flu season is particularly bad. To help you, Dr. Doni conducted a Facebook Live session to offer 5 steps for fighting viruses and infections by supporting your body’s immune system with natural remedies:

  • Step 1: Boost Your Immune System
  • Step 2: Know What to Expect
  • Step 3: What to Do to Fight Off a Virus
  • Step 4: Taking the Right Supplements
  • Step 5: What to Do if it Becomes Bacterial

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How to Avoid Colds, Flu, and Other Infections This Winter

cold, flu, infections, viruses, immune system, fever, chills, congestion, headaches, antibiotics, probiotics, immune supportDownload Dr. Doni’s Cold and Flu Tips so you can save them and have them on hand when you need them:

Session hosted by: Dr. Doni Wilson, ND
Recorded live: January 25, 2018