Stress and the Heart: Join the Heart Revolution

The Heart Revolution: How to Heal, Empower and Follow your Heart

February 25–March 4, 2017

heart disease, heart health, healthy heart, heart month, heart month 2017Our hearts and minds are deeply connected, and science now shows that the heart is a powerful organ of intelligence and emotion, deeply connected to our whole body. Anger, stress, hormonal imbalances, environmental toxins, and poor nutrition affect our physical heart health as well as our happiness, productivity, and our relationships.

That’s why I’m really pleased to be participating in The Heart Revolution. This is an online summit that runs from Feb. 25—Mar. 4, 2017, with an amazing collection of over 60 experts in the field of medicine, psychology, naturopathy, relationship studies, human consciousness, and quantum science.

My presentation is called: Stress & the Heart: Things You Did Not Know About Stress, Emotional Support and Better Heart Health. I’ll be talking about:

  • The different types of stress and the effects they have on our hearts (emotionally and physically).
  • How to better manage the stresses of life that cannot be avoided – a realistic approach.
  • Understanding the difference between anxiety and depression, and how it affects a treatment plan.
  • How naturopathy helps support your body function optimally, so that you are better able to handle stresses.
  • Naturopathic treatments vs. conventional treatments in general, and how to take control of your health.

I’ll be presenting on March 2, but I encourage you to register here for access to the whole series. It’s free to attend live online, or you can get Early Bird Pricing for the complete package of videos, ebooks, and other downloads.

Register now!