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Change Your Health to Change Your Life

testimonial, diet, exercise, reversing diabetes, natural health
Sandra Martini shares how she transformed her life by getting her health in order, losing 59 lbs, and reversing her diabetes.

Dr. Doni shares a health testimonial from Sandra Martini with some helpful tips to get your health back on track and restore balance to your life.

testimonial, diet, exercise, reversing diabetes, natural health

After all the research I’ve reviewed and all the patients I’ve worked with over the years, when it comes to making lasting change in your health, it comes down to what I refer to as CARE activities: Clean Eating, Adequate Sleep, Reducing Stress and Exercise.

Those CARE activities help your body to reset and to maintain optimal balance – balanced hormones, blood sugar, nervous system, immune system, digestion and stress resilience. That’s how they keep you well! And that’s why they are the basis of my Stress Remedy Programs (more info below).

And one of my latest favorite ways to Reduce Stress is to not expect perfection. We fear that if we don’t expect perfection out of ourselves, that things will get worse. But actually it can be quite the opposite. By removing the STRESS of perfection, things shift and what wasn’t possible, becomes possible.

I think you’ll see what I mean when you read this story of healing from my friend, Sandra Martini, who has undergone a remarkable health transformation. I’m so excited about how she implemented CARE activities without perfection that I asked her if I could share her personal tips for success. She said yes – so here they are!

Change Your Health to Change Your Life: Tips That Worked for Me

by Sandra Martini

Lately I’ve been asked how I have remained positive, reversed my diabetes, taken off all meds, lost 59 pounds, and increased both business revenue and profits – during what’s been the toughest year of my personal life.

There are some things I’ve started doing consistently (key word) that have helped immensely, and I wanted to share it with you in case it can help you or someone you know.

  1. Get enough rest. 99% of the time I’m in bed by 11 pm.
  2. Within 10 minutes of waking up, listen to Bonnie Hutchinson’s Every Day Manifestations – it takes less than 5 minutes and sets the tone for my day (my mind is constantly going and this make a huge difference).
  3. Go for 2 walks/day. One before working in the morning and one later in the day.
  4. Choose food which nourishes both my body and soul.
  5. Accept that there are things I can’t control, yet in every situation there is something that I can do to make things easier in some way.
  6. Ask for help, support, or prayers – and gratefully receive them.
  7. Accept (“knowing” usually isn’t the issue, it’s accepting) that not everything can/will get done and some priorities have to rise above others.

It all came down to a series of baby steps taken one after the other.

I’ve started living via the tenets of The Stress Remedy Program and it has changed by health and my life.

Now I know that my body can heal, and I hope this inspires others to take steps to support their health based on my story.

Sandra Martini, The Martini Way, Lakeville, Mass.
27th December 2016

In addition to the “Do it Yourself” 7-day or 21-day Stress Remedy Programs that Sandra referenced above, I’m offering a brand new GROUP program starting in January, 2017. This way you can implement CARE activities along with a group of people who will be doing the same. We’ll join each other in weekly Q&A calls and online in my private Facebook Group. To learn more about the new Group Program, click here.

I hope you’ll join us in January – whether with the group program or on your own – to practice integrating CARE activities without perfection into your life. This program can help you achieve your health goals for 2017, without expectation or pressure. Just self-care, just for you!

stress remedies, group program, group format, natural health

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