Dr. Doni on “Sugar Detox” for Kids in Natural Solutions Magazine

Back to School Sugar Detox

How to Plan Lunches to Strengthen Immunity, Mood, and Wellness

sugar, kids, snacks, back-to-school, healthy eating, parenting, natural healthDuring back-to-school season, families are faced with more choices surrounding their children’s nutrition: Do they opt for packed lunches each day or try the in-school food selections? Which options will help them sustain energy for the rest of the day? What’s the best brain food?

To help with this, I wrote an article that was published in this month’s issue of Natural Solutions Magazine, talking about how to do a “sugar detox” with your kids.

I get into what sugar really is and why it’s worth cutting back. Many families don’t feel like they can avoid sugar altogether, so I’ve given 5 tips to help reduce your family’s sugar intake as much as possible.

To read the article, you can download the PDF version here.