5 Tips to Get Through Thanksgiving with Less Stress!

stress-free-thanksgivingwith help from Liz Navaretta, LCSW

  1. Plan activities that you enjoy before and/or after Thanksgiving dinner. Examples would be going for a run or walk (there are many local Turkey Trot runs on Thanksgiving), read a book or article you enjoy, and/or call friends and family that you won’t get to see.
  2. During Thanksgiving dinner, if you find yourself feeling stressed, connect with someone at the dinner even just by making eye-contact, or by finding a minute to laugh and breathe, which can help you de-stress and enjoy.
  3. Bring an activity to enjoy even with one other person (it doesn’t have to be the whole group involved). Examples are a card or board game that is light-hearted and simple. Or it could be an arts and crafts activity to enjoy with kids.
  4. Offer to make a dish that fits your eating plan, and that others would likely enjoy even if they are not accustomed to that way of eating. This way you know you’ll have something that won’t upset your stomach, and it allows an opportunity to connect with others about a new recipe.
  5. Eat smaller amounts several times. There are so many delicious foods to choose, why not spread them out over the day? Think of your first course as appetizers, then the second course could be turkey and sweet potatoes, and then later have turkey with veggies. Eating in this way ensures that your insulin can keep up with the amount of food coming in, preventing Thanksgiving fatigue and weight gain.

Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!!

–Dr. Doni