Which Diet to Follow?

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Which Diet to Follow?

I noticed an article in the Huffington Post ranking 29 diets, many of which have proven health benefits.

But how could all of these diets be correct?

That’s because there are guidelines that these diets share in common:

  • Choose fruits and vegetables over processed carbs.
  • Choose lean meats, fish and poultry, or vegetarian proteins.
  • Minimize carbs and include fiber.
  • Balance blood sugar levels by eating small, frequent meals.

And because one diet doesn’t work for everyone! We are all individuals with a unique combination of genes, blood type, stress exposure, intolerances, metabolism, and other proteins within our bodies.

Of course we each need different diets!

So how can you figure out what food choices and eating patterns are best for your body?

I encourage you to start by finding out as much as you can about your body.

Then apply what we know from science.

  • Exposure to toxins in food increases risk of health issues
  • Consuming large amounts of carbs (whether vegetables or sugar-filled beverages) challenges insulin function and results in elevated cholesterol and fat storage around your waist.
  • Gluten and dairy products increase inflammation in the body

Most of all…

We know that the diet that makes the biggest difference is a diet that you can maintain consistently over time, which is why I tend to refer to it as a “way of eating” instead of a “diet.”

To help you design a “way of eating” that is individualized to your body, and how to get started with making those changes, I’d like to share my lecture on “how to do a (lifestyle) cleanse?”

Listen to the audio here.

The lecture will give you the tools to design your own diet change in the form of a cleanse that will help you establish the habits that will last throughout 2013, and beyond.

My best to you!

–Dr. Doni

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