Peace Amid the Storm of Stress

Peace Amid the Storm of Stress

With everything going on each day, how is it possible to change your diet, remember to take your supplements and find time to exercise?

To me, it is all about finding the ways to introduce something new amongst and within the schedule that already exists. That way it is simple and doesn’t throw your whole day off track.Click here to read more of my tips for success.

I gained further insight into how to integrate change without becoming overwhelmed when from my friend and colleague Dr. Paul Epstein at the opening ceremony for the new Bastyr University campus in San Diego, CA.

Paul specializes in Mind-Body medicine, and as you might imagine, he is filled with insightful messages about how to navigate our lives with compassion and mindfulness.

During one of the meditation sessions that Paul led at the conference, he referred to a quote that I believe perfectly answers the question of how to add something new while maintaining balance.

Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm.”

Paul published a perfect little book (2×2 inches, making it easy to add in to your schedule) full of meditations to keep your day in balance. It’s called Happiness through Meditation.

The conference, called Restorative Medicine, was outstanding, by the way. I presented and received an award for my research on how our bodies are impacted by stress.

With a clear awareness of the impact of stress, finding peace in the storm becomes all the more relevant.

I’ll be finding moments to read Paul’s book this weekend as I’m leading the NYANP annual membership meeting and conference in Manhattan.

May you find peace in the storm,
–Dr. Doni


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