Colds, Flus: Has the first virus of the season come for a visit?

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Colds, Flus: Has the first virus of the season come for a visit?

Along with school starting and the leaves falling comes the onset of the cold and flu season.

My hope for each and every one of you is to either keep you from catching a virus, or to help you recover from the virus as soon as possible.

By following a few easy steps that I am going to give you, all based on what your body needs, you will be able to stave off antibiotics, steroids and recurrent infections, and get back to school, work or whatever else you’d rather do then blow your nose all day!  This goes for kids too!

Your Cold/Flu Prevention Strategy, from Dr. Doni, as published in Easy Eats Magazine:

  1. Get 8 hours of sleep each night (sleep ensures a healthy immune response) (10 hours for kids)
  2. Keep sugar to a minimum in your diet and avoid soda completely (sugar lowers immune function)
  3. (Adults) drink no more than 1-2 alcoholic beverages per week (alcohol suppresses the immune system)
  4. Identify and avoid food allergens (IgG type food intolerances especially), the most common of which are gluten and dairy
  5. Take Triple Flu Defense, a combination homeopathic remedy for children and adults that helps the immune system to fight off viruses (the ones that cause colds and flu)

Now, when a cold or flu hits – as soon as you notice a sore throat, drippy nose, and foggy brain – it is extremely important to you muster whatever energy you have to start getting after that virus right away.

While it may be tempting to grab the Tylenol to reduce a mild fever and eat ice cream to soothe your sore throat – that is exactly the opposite of what will help you fight off the virus.

Here is what I do when I catch a virus: 

  • Take Triple Flu Defense (TFD) three times per day
  • EHB (herbs and nutrients to boost immunity) and HMC (bioflavonoids to stop a runny nose): 2 of each every 4 hours (available in my online store)*
  • Take a hot shower or bath (don’t get dizzy), do Magic Socks (see below) and then bundle up in bed to sleep for as long as you can (at least 8 hours) – as published in Real Simple Magazine
  • Drink Throat Tea with raw honey (not for under age 2)

Magic socks to the rescue!
Magic socks involves a traditional naturopathic technique called “contrast hydrotherapy.”  While at first it may seem counterintuitive, the use of cold on the feet stimulates the immune response and can help your body fight off a virus.  All you do is get a pair of cotton socks wet, put them in the freezer for a few minutes, then put them on your feet (may need to dip them in cold water again if they are frozen).  Then put big, dry, warm socks over the top of the cold socks and bundle yourself up for a (long winters) nap. “They really are magic!” is what I hear from adults and children.

Please note: if your fever is ever over 104 degrees (adults) or 102 (infants/children) then immediately take actions to lower your temperature (drink water and take off blankets/clothes) and contact a physician because you might have a severe bacteria infection that needs attention.

If your nasal discharge (when you blow your nose or cough) is yellow/green, that indicates a bacteria infection, which requires further intervention.  This is exactly what we want to prevent by following the above strategies, but if it occurs, it is time for plan B.  Something is preventing your immune system from overcoming the virus – and in that case, your body needs extra help.

You can schedule yourself in to my calendar any time of day here.  That is the best way I can help you to recover quickly and stay well.

Wishing you well!

–Dr. Doni

*Please keep in mind that any and all supplements—nutrients, herbs, enzymes, or other—should be used with caution. My recommendation is that you seek the care of a naturopathic doctor (with a doctorate degree from a federally-accredited program) and that you have a primary care physician or practitioner whom you can contact to help you with individual dosing and protocols. If you ever experience negative symptoms after taking a product, stop taking it immediately and contact your doctor right away.

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