Caught the Flu Virus? Quick Recovery is Possible.

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Caught the Flu Virus? Quick Recovery is Possible.

The flu is definitely here! The good news is I can help you recover quickly!

While rushing out the door for a flight to central Oregon, to visit my parents, sister and niece, I unfortunately left my bottle of Triple Flu Defense behind. Sure enough, the day after I arrived, my throat was sore and my nose started running. I immediately started gargling and nasal rinsing with salt water. Luckily I had HMC, EHB and Astra Isatis (three of my favorite remedies for colds) on hand, of which I swallowed 2-3 of each, every 3-4 hours (click here to find those products in my online store).

Although I did not plan on flying all the way to Oregon in order to recover from a virus, it turned out to be a perfect opportunity to test out natural therapies for colds and flu. I’d like to share my experience with you so you are ready!

A quick recovery is possible!
At the start I felt exhausted and very congested. Then, the stomach flu started. I spent the whole day in bed with a headache, with not an ounce of mental or physical energy. The very next day, I got up, blew my nose a couple times, and that was it! I was back to my usual self! While avoiding the flu is obviously preferable (I’ll tell you more about how to do that below), what is usually a drawn out process (even for me) was over in a flash.

Natural ways to help your body beat viruses!
In addition to the supplements I mentioned above, I had the chance to try out several immune boosting therapies including therapeutic touch (I had an amazing massage at the nearby spa), rest and relaxation (I had already planned to be relaxing), and hot/cold therapy (lots of hot showers, hot tub, magic socks and sitting by a hot fire). I didn’t happen to turn on music, but that would have been a great addition based on the research, as is having a positive look on life.

Eat to prevent the flu!
I believe that avoiding gluten and dairy made a significant difference. Since my body has not been exposed to these inflammatory foods for a long time, it was much easier for me to recover from the inflammation caused by the virus. Sugar is also at a minimum in my diet, which allowed my immune system to jump on the virus immediately.

Avoid the flu!
The best way to prepare yourself for inevitable exposure is to avoid food allergens, eat according to your blood type, get 8 hours of rest every night and exercise regularly. The best product to take is Triple Flu Defense (TFD), a liquid homeopathic remedy created by my colleague, Dr. Nenninger. Take 20 drops once per week throughout the flu season. When you’ve been exposed (or if you are going on an airplane) take TFD three times per day. TFD is available through my online store and is in many health food stores now too!

I share this story in the hopes that you can avoid the cold/flu viruses (make sure to keep TFD on hand), and if you do notice symptoms starting, jump right in and support your system. It is possible to recover from the flu, especially when you take good care of yourself on a daily basis.

Let me know how I can help you eat, sleep and live in a way that has you ready for whatever virus (or other health curve ball) comes your way. Click here to find out about booking a Health Breakthrough Session with me today!

Well and back in New York!

Dr. Doni


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