Building a Foundation for Health!

During a fabulous conversation with a friend, and patient, she shared with me that she recently avoided getting a cold that everyone around her caught!

Just a few months ago, for this same friend, every virus that came along turned into a two-week recovery process from feeling unwell.

What was the difference? For the past three months she has been avoiding her food allergens (intolerances) – gluten and dairy – and following her blood type diet. She has also been taking nutrients and herbs to heal her adrenal glands.

“How did that happen?” she asked, referring to her quick recovery.

I think of food allergens as stress on the body.  The immune system is weighed down with fighting a battle with food (silly really), and distracted from doing what we really need it to do – fight off bacteria and viruses.

It’s the same thing with foods that don’t match your blood type.  They create stress and inflammation, which predispose you to infections and make it more difficult to recover.

“Oh, yes!” my friend said brightly. “By avoiding those foods, it’s like I created a foundation of health from which my body is able to respond effectively.”

That is exactly right!

It is so exciting to see how the body can heal when we give it a chance.

Wellness to you too!

Dr. Doni