Could Food Be the Culprit of Your Health Challenges?

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Could Food Be the Culprit of Your Health Challenges?

Health Challenges

My allergy symptoms started at a young age with the spring time pollen in Oregon. I remember sneezing non-stop and sleeping with a roll of toilet paper when I was a Sophomore in college thinking “there has got to be some way out of this!”

Soon after, living on coffee and scones to get me through the course loads for two bachelors degrees in science, I started experiencing constant heartburn.

Was the answer to take a medication? Was this just the way my body is? It was so confusing. Even for me, as a medical student!

Though it seemed unimaginable at the time, and at least partially influenced by my nutrition and physiology courses, I decided to stop the coffee, scones and other treats around the sorority house, and made sure I had protein every time I ate, to see if it made any difference in how I was feeling.

Wha-la! It worked. The reflux was gone. It was clear to me that what I ate had a huge influence on my health…and that lead me straight to Naturopathic medical school.

By the time I moved back to Seattle and started in the Naturopathic program at Bastyr University, though I felt better, I still faced frequent migraines, canker sores and extremely painful menstrual cramps. I had more detective work to do.

While I tried out many Naturopathic approaches during my training and residency, it wasn’t until I finished my residency, moved to New York, started practicing in a clinic specializing in food allergies and had my daughter, that I discovered the underlying cause of my health issues: food intolerances.

To read more about the difference between food intolerances and food allergies, click here.

Yes, over the years I have done just about every type of allergy test available on myself. But it wasn’t until I finally did an food intolerance “IgG antibody Panel” on myself that I found out that I am intolerant to dairy and gluten (the protein found in all wheat products).

Since I started eating significantly less dairy and gluten a few years ago, I have not had another single migraine or canker sore, and the painful menstrual cramps have completely disappeared. What a revelation!

It took me twenty years to figure it out, and thank goodness not a year longer! The good news is that you don’t have to deal with years and years of suffering with mysterious health challenges. In my opinion, there is absolutely no reason that anyone needs to go through life, let alone another day, with chronic health symptoms when a simple test and a few changes in food choices can mean feeling well without medications.

What used to be over a $1000 test can now be done for $295 with a quick finger prick. It tests for 96 different foods, including every commonly eaten fruit, vegetable, grain, meat, fish and dairy products. So if you are anything like me, confused, frustrated and at a loss, you’ll be glad to know you can finally get some answers! Click here to purchase the test kit in my online store.

If you don’t yet have this information about your body, and you are experiencing any health symptoms that your medical doctor has not been able to help you with, let’s get this panel done for you ASAP!

I consider IgG antibody levels to be critical information for your short and long term health. Sure it may mean changing the foods you eat everyday, but I promise you new foods can be so delicious and well worth the effort.

And now the lab also offers an IgA panel, which is another antibody that reacts to foods, often different foods then IgG.  So if you want to uncover as many possible food reactions, then you’ll want to test both IgG and IgA.  There is some overlap, where IgG and IgA react to the same foods, but they may also respond to different foods.

If you’d like my help understanding how foods may be causing your most perplexing health challenges, then consider booking a Health Breakthrough Session with me. I would be honored to help! Click here to find out if this is right for you.

To your health and wellness,

Dr. Doni


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