Moving Beyond a Diagnosis with Dr. Seuss’s Wisdom

I often find that chasing a diagnosis isn’t always the answer.

When a diagnosis is finally given, patients with health challenges are often stopped from healing due to “attachment” to the diagnosis.

A diagnosis can be a label and define a person, and once a person identifies with a diagnosis, there is less and less chance of moving beyond the diagnosis to health.

A better way to approach to dealing with a health challenge, and what I believe people are really yearning to find far beyond a diagnosis, is to uncover the underlying cause of illness.

Once you do that, with a little motivation and clear, specific guidance, you can make simple changes that allows the body to return to optimal health.

It reminds me of a children’s book I read recently with Ella (my 7 year-old daughter). Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax.

In the story, while it seemed like a great idea at first, a factory uses the beautiful Truffula Trees to make fluffy sweaters eventually uses up all the trees and destroys the surroundings, with no way to return things to the way they were.

Different then in The Lorax, I do find that happy endings are possible.

poolIt is possible to take care of your body’s original parts without harming your own “eco-system.” And it starts by taking charge of your health and embracing a more holistic or “integrative” perspective to your healing plan.

I find that by establishing an internal environment that is closest to what we see in patients who are healthy and feel good, that it is possible for the body to take over with healthy function in all areas.

Here’s to your health,

Dr. Doni

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful post. I believe that this entry will be more helpful to my Uncle. He just undergone from a major surgery in the heart last month. I don’t how his disease affects his brain and he forgot the latest events of his life. I hope this one will help him on his recovery.

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