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Thank you for all your work and care. I am also excited to see the results from my tests to see what my body is doing and needs. I had a wonderful time on Tuesday. You are a gift for me and a treasure in so many ways. I love to watch your thinking as you put things together and the lightness of your touch is inspiring. You are one special woman, Dr. Doni!

Lucy T.


“At last, someone who’s giving me real answers!”

“I finally feel understood!”

Dr DoniThat’s the kind of response I get from my patients.

But before I share how I may be able to help you transform your own health challenges, please allow me to highlight what may have been missing from your health care plan and preventing you from seeing results.

Consider that up until this point, though good, your approach to healing your body has been somewhat disjointed.

This is not your fault.
Our modern medical system has created specialists for nearly every single body part, yet no one is talking to each other to unify their recommendations into a single, comprehensive treatment plan.

  • Women go to the OB/GYN for women’s health related concerns…
  • You visit the cardiologist to check on our heart…
  • You go to the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist… for, well, you guessed it!

This leads to splintered care that generally only addresses health symptoms.

It’s not surprising how many women and men come to me physically strained and weary from trying to balance all the available avenues for medical care.  Not only that, but researching alternative approaches online is very overwhelming.

Perhaps you’re one of them – you want to be proactive about your health and you’ve followed the recommendations available, but you still haven’t seen the results you’d like. Or worse yet, you might be feeling sick, overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn.

Yet you intuitively sense that your symptoms are interrelated and that there has to be another way.

Another approach that has you saying goodbye to a reliance on prescriptions, medications and their side effects, and empowers you to heal yourself and take charge of your health.

Naturopathic care makes it possible to treat you as a whole, interconnected person with discerning attention given to all your health issues.

Hi, I’m Dr. Donielle Wilson.  As a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, I offer professional naturopathic care that treats the whole body.

I focus my care on women, as well as men and children, and provide devoted guidance that brings definite solutions. My patients describe my form of care as a grounded, loving way to make sense of what natural medicine has to offer.

I help patients like you address health issues by developing a caring partnership of natural therapies and well-living practices such as nutrition, gentle exercise, reducing stress, herbal healing, homeopathy, vitamins and nutrients.  This allows you to recognize the innate healing power of your own body. 

Let me show you how you can regain the physical harmony you were meant to enjoy.  You’re not alone in your quest for health. 


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