I went from barely functioning to feeling alive and happy again!

I was looking for partnership with my doctor in creating good health and I found traditional medicine to be overly focused on drug therapies and treating symptoms rather than addressing root causes.

My major health issues when I first came to you were that I was unable to make it through the day without extreme exhaustion, physical and emotional. In hindsight I realize I was suffering with depression, my weight was stuck no matter how much or often I exercised and I was experiencing digestive difficulties.

What I most like about working with you is your listening and diagnostic skills, and your shared desire to be partners in creating optimal health for me. Your willingness to give my instincts credit has impressed me right from the beginning.

Since working with you now I have incredible energy, my serotonin levels went from 50 to 150 (I’m feeling so happy and alive again!) and I have achieved digestive balance. I went from barely functioning to fully functioning.

Colleen, age 45
Stay-at-home-mom of three teenage boys
Sloatsburg NY