Foods for Nursing Moms

Do you have recommendations as to foods I should not be eating while nursing? (I've heard peanut butter is a no-no)

Great question about food during nursing….first I would reassure you by saying that you don't have to worry too much about it. Then I would say, eat well for yourself, and it will be good for baby.

I don't recommend peanuts for anyone! Because the fats in peanuts are not so healthy. Better to choose other sorts of nuts.

In terms of preventing allergies…best is to take probiotics (mom and baby). Then, if you think your baby is reacting to foods you are eating, then eliminate them.

And…when you start introducing foods to your baby (6 months or so) then we want to be VERY careful. I have a handout to help you and we can talk at that point so you know what and how to introduce foods.