Defensive (Conscious) Driving

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Defensive (Conscious) Driving

I recently attended a defensive driving class and I am so glad I did!

For all the times I drove faster in order to get somewhere sooner…I learned that I only saved 1 minute! And at what risk?

Did you know that by the time you realize you need to stop, and actually stop your car, it takes 355 feet when going 55 mph?

This was a perfect reminder to me that the faster I drive, the longer it takes to respond and to stop.

And what better to do in order to prevent injuries? Where a seat belt to prevent 50-60% of traffic fatalities and 60-70% of injuries.

Not only that but lock your doors (while driving too), use two hands on the steering wheel, don't hang items on your rear view mirror, check your tire pressure (unique to car and tire location), keep up on car maintenance, and stay out of blind spots.

These were all great reminders for me…I mean what better to do for one's health but to keep yourself safe while driving.

And as tempting as it can be, don't text or email while driving. As I say it, it sounds obvious, but many of us do it.

After all, if I am not aware while driving, then by default, my safety is in the hands of other drivers. The instructor made this point so clear that I feel a better name for the class and concept is "conscious driving."

Important things to do as conscious drivers:

Check your owner's manual to find out how far to sit away from the air bag, how to stop your car if the accelerator gets stuck AND what is the correct tire pressure for your car.

Pull over if you are drowsy (13% of driving fatalities are from driving while tired).

Get a taxi or a hotel if you have been drinking alcohol.

When you get in the car, focus on driving first. Everything else can wait until you arrive safely.

See you soon!

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