Gratefulness Under Stress

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Gratefulness Under Stress

Gratefulness Under Stress

Isn’t it interesting how we find ourselves in situations that are often more challenging that we ever believed we could endure? 

And in that moment of tension, as we experience what it is that we never thought we could do, we find that we are stronger then we ever thought.

I hear this from patients everyday, and it inspires me. 

Whether it is financial stress, relationship issues or physical stress (such as a car accident, medical procedure, recurrent infection or chronic illness), it seems that there is an opportunity to trust and love ourselves more.

Prior to that moment of empowerment, I find for myself that I tend to resist in some way.  Examples would be to deny that the stress exists, to feel anxious or confused, or to hold on to some old pattern of justification.

Then, out of the blue, I feel grateful and accepting.  I hear from patients that all the fears, that had previously been taking up so much space in their lives, have vanished, and they now know that everything will be ok.

I find myself wondering and knowing at the same time…what determines the amount of stress necessary for each of us to find that place of gratefulness and clarity?  

Do we hold on to these stressful experiences and, on some level (maybe subconscious), not want them to go away? 

Or is it that greater stresses simply make it a little more challenging to find that spot that shifts everything? 

Whichever it is it, I encourage you to be open to the chance to let go of what you think has to be, try something new, forgive yourself, and allow yourself to make a mistake or to be wrong.  

I think you will find that while the circumstances may stay the same, all of a sudden a feeling of gratefulness, for yourself and others, permeates your experience.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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