Clearing HPV Naturally: 3 Facts About HPV and How to Overcome It (Episode 211)

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Clearing HPV Naturally: 3 Facts About HPV and How to Overcome It (Episode 211)

Get the facts about HPV from Dr. Doni: The different types of HPV, the body's ability to clear HPV, and the importance of a comprehensive approach to healing.
High-risk HPV types can cause cervical cancer. Dr. Doni talks about the different types of HPV, the body's ability to overcome the infection, and the importance of a comprehensive approach to healing.

There are three main facts about HPV (human papillomavirus) that I feel everyone should know. If you’ve tested positive for HPV and been told by your doctor to “wait and see,” this will help you come up with an action plan. OK, let’s get into the key facts about HPV.

Multiple HPV Types

First of all, we talk about the HPV virus as if it’s one virus, when actually there are more than 150 different types of the HPV virus. Some of them are associated with low-grade symptoms such as warts on your hands or feet, and genital warts are also associated with low-grade HPV. Those are not associated with cancer risk. 

Thirteen types, as far as we know at this point in time, are associated with cancer risk. Now, that doesn’t mean that you’re definitely going to get cancer, but it means that there’s an increased risk of cancer.

Facts About HPV #1: The Body Can Clear HPV

So my question becomes, what is it that makes some people more susceptible to cancer risk when they have the HPV virus, versus other people whose bodies are able to clear the virus? 

Yes, you heard me correctly. It is possible to clear the HPV virus. Of all the facts about HPV, this is the one that I believe everyone needs to know. Especially because many practitioners are not talking about it. Today I want to set the record straight. 

The truth is that the human body can clear the HPV virus. That’s very clear in research studies, including a study from 2013 that showed that 90% of people clear the HPV virus within two years of being exposed to it. So we know the human body has the capability to clear the HPV virus, get it to negative, and keep it negative. 

However, that’s not what the standard of care is telling people. The standard of care is not helping patients and people in general, men and women, to support themselves to clear the virus efficiently and effectively. 

That’s why I’m so passionate about getting this information out there.

Facts About HPV #2: HPV is Very Common

The fact is, we’re mostly all exposed to this virus as humans. This is not a rare virus in our environment; this is a very common virus, including the high-risk types which are spread through sexual contact and genital contact. 

In the past, it was thought that it required numerous sexual partners to contract HPV, but we now know that it’s possible to get HPV even with one sexual partner. 

I’ve talked to many women from around the world with that experience. The way I look at it is, we are all human. Humans have sex, and humans get exposed to HPV by having sex, even with one sexual partner. The fact is that over 80% of us are exposed to the HPV virus by age 50. 

So there should no longer be any kind of stigma, shame, or judging of women who are testing positive for HPV, nor men who are testing positive for HPV. 

The issue is that most men around the world do not have access to HPV testing at this point in time, especially in the United States. In some countries, there is testing, and so more men are finding out that they’re testing positive. They are as furious as women, saying, “Wait a minute, nobody told me that I could get exposed to this virus,” and practitioners are telling people they can’t get rid of it. 

Again, the truth is, you can get rid of it. And most of all of us are exposed to it.

Chronic HPV and Cervical Cancer

While you might clear it on your own without doing anything differently, many people end up with chronic positive HPV, meaning it has tested positive for more than two years.

What happens is, for women, because women are tested for HPV when they get a Pap smear more often than in the past (in the past, we only tested for HPV when there were abnormal cells on the Pap smear, but now HPV is tested almost always within the Pap smear), more women are finding out that they’re testing positive. 

More men are finding out that they’re testing positive, and so it’s going to become more and more of a conversation out there, which is exactly why I’m putting this video out. 

I’m hoping that’s how you found me, and you’re listening and saying, “Wow, this is important information and important facts about HPV for you to know,” because I want you to know that you can navigate this. You can help your body clear this virus and protect yourself from cancer. 

Unfortunately, one of the facts about HPV is that it’s most associated with cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer that women experience around the world, and most cervical cancer is associated with high-risk HPV. 

So we can say that this is a virus that’s causing a lot of cervical cancer, which means a lot of medical procedures, trauma, treatment, and even death from cervical cancer that could be prevented.

Cervical Cancer is Preventable

That’s another truth: cervical cancer is preventable. We can actually prevent it by becoming aware of the virus and understanding it. It’s not about avoiding sex or being hard on ourselves; that’s not going to solve it. And it’s certainly not getting solved by prescription medication, and it doesn’t get solved simply by having more procedures or surgeries. 

Women are having LEEP procedures, cervical biopsies, hysterectomies, and still, the virus is causing abnormal cells. More facts about HPV: the procedures do not kill the virus. 

And even though, yes, there is a vaccine, it does not address all the types of HPV. Some people will say, “Oh, just have the vaccine,” but while the vaccine can be partially protective, it’s not 100% protective. So there are still people who have had the vaccine and will test positive for HPV and could even have abnormal cells and cervical cancer, even though they had the vaccine.

The Need for a Comprehensive Approach

I want to emphasize, even if you had the HPV vaccine, you need to be testing for HPV and abnormal cells. And if you have abnormal cells, we need to address them, but we also need to address the virus so it doesn’t continually cause abnormal cells, because that can happen. 

I hear from many women who are struggling with HPV in silence because there’s nowhere for them to speak out, and nowhere in the standard medical system for them to get help, which is exactly why I do what I do – to offer free trainings and videos online so that women and men can start to understand their options and understand that they may have to go outside of standard medical care to get help with HPV at this point in time. 

I hope that changes. I really do think that we all deserve support to clear HPV.

Using my clinical experience from over 24 years, my patients are clearing HPV. They are using the protocol I developed over years of clinical practice and research, learning from my patients what works and what doesn’t work. 

There are a lot of things that people hear online that may or may not actually be effective. Some things are partially effective, like mushroom extracts, broccoli extracts, and nutrients. 

What we need, though, is a comprehensive protocol using clinical nutrition, food as medicine, and herbs that are shown to be effective based on scientific research and clinical outcomes. 

And we need to go beyond just focusing on the body. 

Yes, we need to focus on the vaginal-gut biome connection, hormones, and the effects of stress on the human body, because ultimately, what I find is that it’s the effects of stress that we’re exposed to – stress in the forms of psychological, psycho-emotional stress, toxins, physical stress, and dysfunctions – that make us susceptible to the HPV virus, as well as other viruses, because stress depletes our immune system. 

We can’t just avoid all stress, but what we can do is help ourselves recover from stress. That has to be part of the protocol; if not, it’s not going to result in long-term change. 

It has to be a comprehensive protocol that addresses the root causes, and it has to be a protocol that addresses the mind-body connection, because ultimately, the fear, myths, and misconceptions about HPV end up working against us, making us more susceptible to the virus, which is exactly why I’m so glad you’re listening to this video.

Facts About HPV #3: You Can Take Action

You do not have to wait and see if it gets worse. This is the third of the key facts about HPV that I really want to share with you: You do not have to wait and see if it gets worse. Most practitioners will have you on the “wait and see” plan, and I’m here to say, you do not have to be on the “wait and see” plan. 

Instead, you can be on the “take action now and clear the virus” plan!

If you would like more help, I welcome you to join me at the next Heal HPV workshop. You can join for free from anywhere in the world, so you can learn more about the facts about HPV and how you can clear it. You can clear it – I see it over and over, every day, with the women and men that I work with.

I’m also training practitioners in this protocol because I want to shift the way that healthcare is delivered related to preventing HPV and cancer, particularly cervical cancer, but there are other cancers associated with HPV, including in men, that need to be prevented. We need to decrease this. This is doable, possible, and absolutely necessary. 

Spread the Facts About HPV

Thanks again so much for joining me. If you know anyone who’s struggling with this, I welcome you to send them my contact information. I’d be happy to help them join the list of people who are now on their way to living their lives free of HPV. You deserve that, and I’m glad to be providing that information for you. 

If you are ready to get HPV to negative, sign up for my Say Goodbye to HPV Program. In the program I guide you step by step to implement my protocol. I help you gain freedom from the high-risk types of HPV, and at the same time help you solve menstrual, fertility, or menopausal related issues. The Say Goodbye to HPV Program is online and available everywhere.

Say Goodbye to HPV: Heal your cervix and clear HPV with this 12-week guided program from Dr. Doni Wilson.

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Thanks again for joining me for How Humans Heal. I look forward to connecting with you in the next episode. Be sure to subscribe and leave me a review and a comment if you’d like. I’d love to hear from you. 

Please know that my mission at How Humans Heal is to help you get the information that’s out there that you need and deserve to heal, whether it’s from HPV or any other health issue that you’ve been struggling with and not getting enough help with. 

I’ll see you at the next episode.

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