The Science Behind Stress and How to Create Sustainable Change: Dr. Doni Wilson on Everyday Wellness

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The Science Behind Stress and How to Create Sustainable Change: Dr. Doni Wilson on Everyday Wellness

Dr. Doni was interviewed by Cynthia Turlow in Episode 216 of her podcast, Everyday Welness. Listen to it here or in any podcast player.

Show Notes:

I am excited to have Dr. Doni Wilson back on the show today! She was with me once before in episode 142. Dr. Doni is a naturopathic doctor, certified professional midwife, and the bestselling author of Master Your Stress Reset Your Health. She has been in practice for the last twenty-two years.

Most people think that stress is all bad. However, it only becomes an issue when chronic, long-term, or debilitating. There are many benefits to having the right amount of stress at the right time.

In this episode, Dr. Doni and I take a deep dive into the role of stress and the impact of the stress response, including heart rate variability, the autonomic nervous system, and the role of the vagus nerve. We talk about what happens to our bodies with chronic exposure to stress- specifically around digestion, hormonal imbalances, neurotransmitter changes, and immune response. We discuss the impact of adverse childhood events and trauma, different types of stress, and recovery protocols. We also discuss measuring neurotransmitters and urine and speak about self-compassion and love- especially when dealing with stressful events.

I hope you enjoy today’s conversation! Stay tuned for more!


  • Dr. Doni defines the role of stress and talks about our built-in stress response system.
  • Some people are in a constant state of stress, so their stress-response system never turns off.
  • What does heart-rate variability represent?
  • The parasympathetic system is run mostly by the vagus nerve. Dr. Doni explains what the vagus nerve does in the body.
  • Constant stress causes overstimulation. That results in people not having enough time in the parasympathetic state, and that can cause chronic health issues.
  • The impact stress has on hormones and neurotransmitters.
  • The importance of testing hormone levels.
  •  Why can blood work appear normal, even when we are stressed or anxious?
  • When stressful things happen in middle age, it can overtax the adrenal glands and cause issues. Dr. Doni talks about the importance of testing adrenal levels when recovering from adrenal distress.
  • Dr. Doni explains what motivated her to write Master Your Stress Reset Your Health.
  • Why do adrenal and cortisol issues need to be addressed differently depending on the patterns?
  • The areas in the body that tend to be most affected by chronic stress.
  • Childhood stress and trauma can impact your long-term health and even affect future generations. Dr. Doni has created a system to address that.
  • Dr. Doni describes the different stress types and talks about the most common stress types she sees in women.
  • Dr. Doni says prioritizing self-care is vital for stress recovery.

“We have a built-in stress-response system that is meant to protect us.”

– Dr. Doni Wilson

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