Keep doing what you’re doing!

Would you be surprised to hear that from your medical doctor?

A patient – who has a long history of severe allergies, asthma and pneumonia – told me today that at her follow up appointment with her pulmonologist last week her doctor said “Your lungs are clear! Keep doing what you are doing!”

This is after 8 months of avoiding dairy, eggs and gluten – based on her IgG results – and healing her adrenals.

It was overwhelming in the beginning” she says “but there are so many options out there for eating gluten free. And now I see that I’d rather enjoy a weekend in the outdoors without having to take medications then I would eating whatever gluten or dairy filled food I used to eat.

I’m so happy for her! Now she is teaching her son how the foods he eats impacts the way he feels. What an amazing thing to learn at 4 years old!

Sharing what I see helping patients and me,

Dr. Doni