What you need to know to be healthy in 2012 – Part II

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What you need to know to be healthy in 2012 – Part II

What you need to know to be healthy in 2012 - Part II

So how do we turn off the cytokine response and subsequent inflammation?!!
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  • Step 1. Stop stimulating them!  While you can do your best to avoid a broken bone or tick – the best way to take away the cytokine signal is by removing the foods in your diet that are triggering cytokines on a daily basis.Find out which foods by doing an IgG food panel.  You can order an IgG food panel through my online store and do it yourself at home.  I find this to be the single best first step toward wellness for all health conditions.If you can’t invest in the IgG food panel at this time, a basic place to start is by avoiding the foods most likely to trigger cytokines: dairy, gluten and eggs. Check out The Stress Remedy Programs for how to do this.
  • Step 2. Blueberries to the rescue!  By choosing foods that counter the cytokine messages, you can stand a chance at reducing the inflammatory response.Research shows that blueberries (and other berries) contain substances that put a halt to cytokine messages.  My favorite way to get berries is in frozen, organic blueberries and/or a liquid concentrate called Proberry.
  • Step 3. Make prostaglandins! Our bodies make anti-inflammatory messengers called prostaglandins out of omega-3 fats (fish oil and flax oil).  All you have to do is consume them!Omega-6 fats, which are easy to find in the common American diet, come from corn oil, safflower oil and sunflower oil.  Omega-6 fats, along with animal fats – in anything that comes from animals – lead to inflammation.So remember! Omega 3 fats lead away from inflammation – take fish oils daily to squelch cytokines.If you’d like to read more about fish oils, click here for a very thorough article in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition from 2002.Keep in mind, however, that not all fish oils are what you want to be putting into your body.  It is important to consider everything from the source of the fish, to the way the fish oils are processed, as well as the way they are packaged and stored. Over years of being in practice and reviewing various fish oil products, the product I now recommend is ProOmega by Nordic Naturals.

Ok so now that you know what cytokines and prostaglandins are, and how to use blueberries, as well as fish oils, to help your body clear out inflammation-producing messages – you are well on your way to health.

Even if you are able to begin by introducing even one of these concepts into your life each week, it will make a difference! Mastering your health and wellness as you go, before you know it, your body will be running on messages that keep you well.

Wellness wishes to you,

Dr. Doni


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