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Policies and Procedures

For almost 2 years I had not been myself. It felt like my body had closed down on me and nothing I could do would help. I suffered from extreme fatigue to the point where I could not lift my arms, trembling, heart palpitations, extreme mood swings, anxiety, depression, recurrent yeast infections and an array of other symptoms.

I visited numerous doctors from primary doctors to gynecologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists and even tried acupuncture. I was prescribed various medications from anti-anxiety to birth control pills to thyroid medications. I hate taking medications but I tried everything- that is how desperate I was.

Each time I tried something it would make me even worse! After researching on the internet I came across Dr. Wilson’s website and decided to call her. I will always be grateful for that decision because it was one of the best decisions of my life!!!

Dr. Doni was amazing! From our initial phone consult I noticed immediately that she actually listened to me, unlike all the other doctors that I had gone to that were quick to offer random diagnoses and prescribe. She ran tests to check my hormones and adrenals as well as food sensitivities and began working with me in giving my body the support it needed to re-find it’s balance.

Dr. Doni’s respect towards the intricate workings of the body, her caring and sensitivity nature as well as her immense knowledge are what makes her the best doctor I know! Even towards the end of treatment she would continue to take every symptom and physical complaint of mine seriously no matter how small they were becoming. I was so relieved that I had finally found a doctor who took me seriously and listened and respected my body as much as I do!

After two weeks of her treatment I immediately started to feel significantly better….6 months later, I am now happy to report that I have never felt better in my life and will always feel grateful for Dr. Doni’s help! Thank you Dr. Doni- you gave me my life back!!!

Anna M.
New York, NY

New Patients

In your first appointment, Dr. Doni will spend quality time with you answering your questions and reviewing the treatments you’ve received to create a personalized Health Transformation Plan for your unique situation.

This may include dietary guidelines, lifestyle recommendations, herbal therapies, nutritional supplements, hydrotherapy, homeopathic remedies and other natural therapies and appropriate lab tests. 

If you and I choose to continue to work together, we will then work together via a series of 15-30 minute follow-up visits, depending on the program you choose, to assess your progress and ensure achievement of your healthcare goals.

These follow appointments are designed to create a profound breakthrough in your personal wellness.

The cost of this comprehensive first appointment is $295 to $495.

Please click here to schedule your first appointment.

Additional Follow-up Appointments

Dr. Doni offers a variety of supportive Women’s Wellness programs you can choose from that she will discuss with you during your first appointment.

Insurance Information

Dr. Doni does not accept insurance or Medicare and we cannot assure you these services (office visits, phone consultations or lab tests) will be reimbursed.

Phone Calls, Messages & Faxes

  1.  Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 10 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.
  2. To reach my office, please call (631) 682-9190.
  3. Our fax number is (877) 883-6389.
  4. If you call after hours, my assistant will return your call the next business day.
  5. If you have a medical emergency, call 911 or go directly to the nearest emergency room.
  6. When leaving a message, please be brief and include the following information:
    • Full name
    • Reason for call
    • Best time to be called back
    • Phone number(s)
    • Email address (if desired)

Ready to get started? Please click here to schedule your first appointment.

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