5 Tips for Natural Flu Prevention

1. Use Homeopathic Triple Flu Defense to boost your own immunity to all viruses with a simple 20 drops per week. Avoid the risk associated with the flu vaccine by using this hypoallergenic, risk free remedy now in stock. To order: send a quick note to drwilsonoffice@gmail.com.

2. Get regular rest, water and allergen-free food. Make it a priority to sleep 8 hours per night and to drink water or herbal tea throughout the day (instead of sugar, dairy or chemical filled beverages). By sticking to your allergen-free diet, you will be minimizing inflammation, which makes it a lot harder for viruses (and bacteria) to take over.

3. Follow your blood type diet. At a recent event with Dr. D’Adamo, I was reminded of how important it is to avoid foods that don’t match your blood type. Every time we are exposed to those foods, it causes the intestinal cells to explode and perpetuates a compromised immune system.

4. Make sure you have on hand my favorite products for colds and flus: EHB and HMC. With these two products you will get all the important herbs and nutrients for fighting viruses, bacteria and boosting your immune system. Take 2 of each every four hours starting as soon as you think you caught something.

5. As soon as you notice a sore throat, start with a salt water gargle, then take a hot bath or shower and go straight to bed. This is the best way to stop a virus in its tracks by stimulating your body’s innate responses.

Watch for articles
this winter in both Natural Health Magazine and Real Simple Magazine that include recommendations from Dr. Wilson.

Stay well!


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