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Are Your Skincare Products Making You Ill?

Are Your Skincare Products Making You Ill?

Wellness expert, Dr. Doni Wilson, explains how your skincare products can affect your health and gives a handy list of terms to look out for on the label. We often think of our skin as being a protective layer that keeps out toxins and other substances that are bad for us. In actuality, it acts more like a filter, keeping some things out but allowing others to permeate through the skin and into the bloodstream. While this means we can apply certain medicines to our skin to effectively address health… Read the rest

4 Tips for Easing Yourself Back to School

Back-to-School Tips

Naturopathic doctor Doni Wilson shares four Back to School tips to help you (and your children) make a smooth transition from summer to studies. It’s the beginning of September and time to go back to school. My daughter, Ella, is starting sixth grade this year and is enormously excited to be at the middle school with more independence. I can see from Facebook posts that many of you are also in back-to-school mode. As exhilarating as it can be, having enjoyed the long summer break, it can also be a bit… Read the rest

3 Simple Tips for a Healthy Labor Day BBQ (and a recipe for delicious Broccoli Slaw!)

3 Simple Tips for a Healthy Labor Day BBQ

Dr. Doni Wilson, naturopathic doctor and health expert, offers some practical advice for enjoying summer cookouts without the foods that cause health issues. Going to a BBQ or cookout this weekend, but nervous that you won’t have anything to eat? Once you discover that you feel better without some of the foods that you commonly find at a BBQ—wheat/gluten, dairy, eggs, and sugar—you’ll want solutions to keep you well, without giving up any of the summer fun. I have some tips for you! Bring food you know you can eat… Read the rest

Carbohydrates, Blood Sugar, and Your Health

Carbohydrates, Blood Sugar, and Your Health

Dr. Doni, author of The Stress Remedy, explains why an imbalanced carbohydrate metabolism means awareness of blood sugar levels is important for all – not just diabetics. Those of who read my blog frequently know that I talk about three problem networks: adrenal distress, leaky gut and imbalanced carbohydrate metabolism. Today I’m going to be going to focus on the third. Did you know that even when your blood sugar levels are within normal range, they could have an effect on your health?   It is not often known that… Read the rest

5 Clues That Leaky Gut May Be at the Root of Your Health Issues

5 Clues That You Might Have Leaky Gut

Dr. Doni explains how leaky gut is extensively researched yet under-diagnosed—and could be the underlying cause of any number of chronic health problems. Considering that chronic diseases such as diabetes, autoimmunity, and liver failure, as well as common symptoms, like eczema, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, bloating, and muscle/joint pain, can all be caused by leaky gut syndrome (otherwise known as LGS or intestinal permeability), it is imperative that you determine whether it may be occurring in your body. Leaky gut is not well recognized by most practitioners, and is not… Read the rest

Treating Adrenal Distress: How to Take Action

Treating Adrenal Distress: How to Take Action

Adrenal distress can be the underlying cause of a whole host of health issues. Dr. Doni explains how to start the healing process once you’ve been tested for it. In my last post, Uncovering Adrenal Distress: How to Test for It, we discussed the simple tests that we can do to assess your cortisol and adrenaline levels—and how to tell whether or not adrenal distress has affected your four core systems. Today, I’d like to cover how to read the results of your testing, and what you can do about it… Read the rest

Uncovering Adrenal Distress: How to Test for It

Cortisol levels are an indicator of adrenal distress. By measuring cortisol in the saliva at four different times of day, we can create a curve showing how your cortisol level changes throughout the day to compare it to optimal levels.

Adrenal distress, a frequently missed cause of fatigue, anxiety and frequent infections, is easily identified with a few simple tests. Dr. Doni explains what’s involved. If you read my last two posts, The Three Problem Networks of Stress and What is Adrenal Burnout?, you will be starting to get familiar with the three main areas that create problems when we are under constant stress—adrenal distress, leaky gut, and carbohydrate metabolism. Today’s post continues from last week’s and dives into the details of how to test for adrenal distress. Next time,… Read the rest

Unlocking the Mystery of Gluten & How it Stresses Your Body (Infographic)

Unlock Infographic wo Doni

Dr. Doni Wilson, naturopathic doctor and health expert, covers the basics of gluten—what it is, where it’s hiding, and why it’s a problem for most of us. Do you know someone who has gone gluten-free? Odds are, you do. Gluten-free living is all the rage, but few know exactly what gluten is and how it impacts our bodies. Let’s clear up the confusion here—it’s quite simple, actually. After years of research and observing thousands of patients that feel better without gluten (not to mention myself, too!), I am happy to… Read the rest

What Is Adrenal Burn Out?

What Is Adrenal Burn Out?

Naturopathic doctor and stress expert Dr. Doni Wilson explains “adrenal burnout” and its causes and gives handy advice on how to find out if you’re suffering from it. Maybe you’ve heard the term “adrenal burnout,” or perhaps “adrenal exhaustion.” I actually refer to it as “adrenal distress.” No matter what you call it, the important question is—could it be happening to you? That’s what I’m going to cover this week because adrenal health is imperative to wellness, which is why I’ve named it one of the three problem networks. One… Read the rest

3 Problem Networks of Stress: Looking Beyond the Obvious to Find Good Health

3 Problem Networks of Stress: looking beyond the obvious to find health

Dr. Doni Wilson, naturopathic doctor, shares her own approach to understanding and treating stress based on over 14 years of research and practice. There is not one single answer, nor one magic pill, when it comes to our health. That is because our bodies are intricate systems, with many interrelated processes. Even looking at unwellness from one perspective – stress, for example – is more complex then it may seem at first. And health is not achieved with a simple stress-reduction technique. To achieve optimal health and wellness, we need… Read the rest

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