Protectagen, 60 vegetarian capsules


Protectagen, 60 vegetarian capsules



Protectagen, 60 vegetarian capsules

  • Contains AC-11® extract to protect GI function and upregulate DNA repair.

AC-11®, the active ingredient in Protectagen, is a patented, water-soluble botanical extract of Uncaria tomentosa (commonly called cat´s claw) that supports cellular resistance to a wide variety of environmental stressors and may be particularly beneficial to support gastrointestinal healing. AC-11® provides a rich source of phytochemical compounds called carboxyl alkyl esters that provide powerful antioxidant activity to minimize damage to delicate GI tissues. These carboxyl alkyl esters also have the unique ability to regulate inflammatory mechanisms while promoting DNA repair, which are key to promoting gastrointestinal healing and maintaining GI function. AC-11® extract is manufactured through a patented process and is standardized to contain 8-10% carboxyl alkyl esters. Unlike other preparations of Uncaria tomentosa, this unique water-soluble extract is also free of potentially immunosuppressive oxindole alkaloids´s unique content of carboxyl alkyl and other patent process esters unencumbered by the presence of indole alkaloids allows Protectagen to exert potent antioxidant activity and attenuate inflammatory responses while effectively promoting DNA repair and cell-mediated immunity.

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