Intestinal Repair Complex, 5.6 oz


Intestinal Repair Complex, 5.6 oz


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Intestinal Repair Complex, 5.6 oz

Intestinal Repair Complex is a comprehensive nutritional formula desgined to assist in the repair and restoration of a normal, healthy gastrointestinal lining. It contains a combination of plant enzymes, mucilaginous herbs and amino acids.

 Intestinal Repair Complex (powder and capsules) is designed to assist in the repair and restoration of a normal, healthy GI mucosal lining. Soothing, anti-inflammatory extracts of mucilaginous herbs, amino acids and enzymes make up the Intestinal Repair formula. These formulas are not designed to mask symptoms, but rather to provide essential factors for the nutritional support of healthy GI structure and function.

Servings Per Container: 20

Use only as directed. Mix 2 teaspoons (8.0g) into 4-8 fluid ounces of water or desired beverage two times per day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Serving Size: (8g) 2 approximate teaspoons

Amount Per Serving
Calories …25
Total Carbohydrate …2g
Dietary Fiber …<1g
L-Glutamine …5, 000mg
Aloe vera …200mg
(Aloe barbadensis)(gel)(200:1)
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) …200mg
Slippery elm …100mg
(Ulimus rubra)(bark)
Marshmallow …100mg
(Althaea officinalis)(root extract)(4:1)
D-Glucosamine HCl …1, 000mg
Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice …500mg
(Glycyrrhiza glabra)(root extract)
Proprietary enzyme blend …500mg
Amylase (7, 000 DU), lactase (1000 ALU), cellulase (500), invertase (500 SU), maltase (16 AGU)

Other Ingredients: Acacia gum, maltodextrin (non-GMO), luo han guo, stevia leaf extract.

Gluten Free

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