Undecylex, 120 tablets

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Undecylex, 120 tablets



Undecylex, 30 tablets

Undecylex provides a unique combination of selected botanicals, fatty acids, and organic acids that support a healthy balance of intestinal microflora by discouraging growth of potentially pathogenic microorganisms including yeast and other fungi, bacteria, and parasites. This advanced formula combines selected berberine-containing botanicals with undecylenic acid, sorbic acid, and green tea extract, all naturally occurring ingredients that help restore or maintain a healthy microflora balance in the gastrointestinal tract by reducing numbers of undesirable intestinal microorganisms. Undecylex contains undecylenic acid, a medium-chain fatty acid with a long history of use as a safe and effective adjunct during fungal and yeast overgrowth. Berberine is a plant alkaloid providing broad-spectrum support against numerous potentially pathogenic microorganisms. Sorbic acid, an organic acid, is used worldwide to limit the growth of fungal and bacterial organisms in foods. Green tea is a rich source of polyphenolic compounds widely studied for their ability to discourage pathogen growth and activity.