Thyroid Px, 75 capsules


Thyroid Px, 75 capsules



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Features herbs and nutrients to support thyroid function. This formula is the most potent support we offer for healthy thyroid function. Provides the thyroid with the required nutrition and substrates. Supplies the building blocks for T3/T4 hormone synthesis. Promotes the activation of thyroid hormone.

  • Supports Metabolism
  • Promotes T4-T3 Conversion
  • Stabilizes Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies
  • Optimizes Body Temperature
  • High dose Iodine/Iodide

Ingredients per serving:
Blue Flag root (Iris spp) [W] 410 mg
Guggul Gum resin extract 7:1
(Commiphora mukul) 410 mg
Ashwagandha root
(Withania somnifera) [O] 150 mg
Nettle leaf (Urtica dioica) [O] 150 mg
Bladderwrack thallus
(Fucus vesiculosus) [O] 110 mg
Ginger root
(Zingiber officinale) [O]    20 mg
3.5-Diiodotyrosine 200 mcg
 Iodine (Potassium iodide) (8000% daily value) 12mg
Selenium (selenomethionine)  (286% daily value) 200 mcg
 Zinc (citrate) (40% daily value) 6 mg

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