IgG & IgA Food Sensitivity Home Testing


IgG & IgA Food Sensitivity Home Testing



To identify IgG and IgA food sensitivities and to determine the severity of leaky gut.

This panel will check for both IgG and IgA antibodies to 96 of the most common foods, including gluten and dairy products. It is a blood test completed with a finger prick, that you can do at home.

We will mail you the kit and when your results come in, we will email you the results.

Other food panels available are less sensitive or less specific (and often more expensive). Dr. Doni has completed split samples and compared them. And what she has found is that when patients follow the results of this panel, the majority of people see improvements in their health.

From Dr. Doni’s experience it is well-worth the cost to know which antibodies are being produced and toward which foods, so that you know exactly what to avoid to help your body heal.

This purchase does NOT include a consultation. To purchase the test with a consultation, click here.
Test can be completed through the mail.

About IgA and IgG Food Sensitivity Tests


What Is a Food Sensitivity Test?

Have you been wondering if you have gluten sensitivity and need to avoid gluten?

With the information we get from an IgA and IgG food sensitivity test we can tell several things:

  1. Which foods to avoid
  2. Which foods are causing or perpetuating leaky gut
  3. The severity of the leaky gut


Which Food Sensitivity Test is Best and What Does it Show?

Following all my research, I now recommend a food sensitivity test for IgA and IgG antibodies.

  • IgA is a delayed response antibody, and can last up to a week in your body after you eat a food.
  • IgG is also a delayed response antibody, and can last three weeks in your body.

That means that you’re likely not to feel the reaction to the specific food when you eat it. It is more likely to cause low-grade inflammation and symptoms over time. And if you eat that food every day, the inflammation adds up.

Testing for IgA and IgG antibodies will tell us the most significant responses to foods. If you are going to be avoiding foods in your diet, you want to be sure you avoid the most important ones.

For more on this, please see Dr. Doni’s article: What Is a Food Sensitivity Test – and Why Do One?