Pea Protein Shake – Vanilla

Pea Protein Shake – Vanilla


Dr. Doni’s Pea Protein Vanilla Shake. Dr. Doni developed this formula to include the protein and nutrients she finds to be most effective for patients who want to optimize their weight, metabolism and digestive health.


Dr. Doni’s Pea Protein Nutritional Shake – Natural Vanilla Flavor. After years of researching medical protein shakes for herself and her patients, Dr. Doni developed this formula to include the protein and nutrients she finds to be most effective for patients who want to optimize their weight, metabolism and digestive health.

  • Non-GMO Pea Protein Powder
  • 16 grams of protein per scoop
  • Does not contain soy, dairy, gluten or sugar
  • Contains methylfolate, not folic acid
  • Mixes easily in liquid and has a smooth texture
  • Sweetened with stevia
  • Comes in three flavors: Vanilla, Berry, and Chocolate
  • Formulated to help promote an optimal intake of protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber

The Benefits of Protein PowdersThe Benefits of Protein Powders

To learn more about the nutritional benefits of protein powders, how to calculate your protein needs, and how to choose the right protein powder for your body, see this article: Protein Powder: A Beginner’s Guide

The article includes some healthy and delicious protein shake recipes and protein smoothie recipes as well!

Good for Your Gut Bacteria / Microbiome

The bacteria that live in our gut have a huge impact on our overall health. So, when it comes to identifying the root cause of any illness, we have to start by looking at the health of your microbiome. Here’s another article that takes a closer look at the gut-brain axis, and how to get your gut bacteria functioning optimally: Gut-Brain Axis: Why Optimal Health Starts With Digestion. For how Dr. Doni’s Pea Protein can help, see the section on How to Optimize Your Microbiome.
Good for Your Gut Bacteria / Microbiome

Nutritional Facts for Dr. Doni’s Pea Protein Shake:

Serving Size: 36 g (approx. one scoops)

Servings per Container: 15


  • Sodium 300 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates 14 g
  • Dietary Fiber 8 g
  • Soluble Fiber 5 gr
  • Insoluble Fiber 3 gr
  • Protein (from Pea) 16 g
  • Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 100 mg
  • Vitamin E (as d-alpha tochopherol)   17mg
  • High Gamma Mixed Tocopherols  100 mg (as d-gamma, d-delta, d-alpha, d-beta 3 mg)
  • Vitamin B1 (as Thiamine Mononitrate) 10 mg
  • Vitamin B2 (as Riboflavin) 10 mg
  • Vitamin B3 (as Niacinamide) 10 mg
  • Vitamin B6 10 mg (as Pyridoxine HCl)
  • Folate (NatureFolate blend) 100 mcg
  • Vitamin B12 50 mcg (as Methylcobalamin)
  • Biotin (as d-Biotin) 100 mcg
  • Pantothenic Acid 100 mg (as d-Calcium Pantothenate)
  • Calcium 60 mg (from Pea and Natural Berry Flavor)
  • Iron (from Pea) 4 mg
  • Magnesium 100 mg(from Creatine MagnaPower®)
  • Zinc 5 mg (TRAACS® Zinc Glycinate Chelate)
  • Chromium 50 mcg (TRAACS® Chromium Nicotinate Glycinate Chelate)
  • Creatine 550 mg (from Creatine MagnaPower®)
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) 120 mg
  • High Gamma Mixed Tocopherols  100 mcg (as d-gamma,d-delta,d-alpha,d-beta)
  • Taurine 100 mg
  • Inositol 50 mg

Other Ingredients: Vegetable fiber, creafill cellulose, natural vanilla flavor, tapioca dextrin, glucomannan, inulin, silicon dioxide, vegetable cellulose, natural flavor, stevia (leaf) extract.

NOTICE: Accurate serving size can only be determined by weight. A scoop is provided to help approximate this serving size. For the most accurate results, fill scoop and tap the bottom 3 or 4 times, then with a digital scale tare out the scoop weight, and weigh the powder.

This product does not contain wheat, yeast, gluten, eggs, dairy, sugar, soy artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, mix 36 grams (approx. one scoops) in eight ounces of water or any other beverage per day, or as directed by your health care practitioner.

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