Women’s Wellness & Fertility

Women’s Wellness & Fertility

Have you been trying to get pregnant on your own but it’s just not happening? Or you’re planning to get pregnant and you want to get yourself as healthy as possible? The healthier we are when getting pregnant, the easier it is to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and have a healthy baby.

Get your body as healthy as can be to increase your chances of getting pregnant while preventing MTHFR and miscarriage. The time leading up to getting pregnant and when you first get pregnant is an important time to have support to create a healthy pregnancy, prevent a miscarriage, and have a healthy baby.

Being pregnant and having a newborn can be stressful. Too often I see what I call “mom syndrome” because new moms end up with adrenal stress, fatigue, and/or postpartum depression. Then they may try to have another pregnancy and they’re already depleted. We have to think of pregnancy as something our bodies naturally do, but also need support to prevent health issues for mom and baby. We support women through this process to avoid health issues so they can be there for themselves and their families.

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