Your immune system is designed to attack “foreign invaders” that enter your body, such as unhealthy bacteria, viruses, toxic substances, and allergens. In some cases, however, your immune system can become confused and start destroying cells in your body, mistaking them for something foreign. We call this malfunction “autoimmunity,” meaning your body is essentially attacking itself (“auto”). Left unaddressed, autoimmunity can cause many debilitating – and sometimes life-threatening – conditions. Over 100 serious health conditions are autoimmune in origin. Some of the most common autoimmune conditions are:
Studies indicate that stress, in the form of mental/emotional stress, as well as stress in the form of certain foods (such as gluten), exposure to toxins (such as pesticides), imbalanced gut bacteria, leaky gut syndrome (unhealthy intestinal cells), and viruses (such as Epstein Barr Virus) can all trigger autoimmunity. Some people are prone to autoimmunity based on genetics, but it is exposure to stress that causes the immune system to shift into autoimmunity.

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