Did you know that there are numerous long-term health issues linked to adrenal distress? These include digestion issues, immune-related conditions, nervous system problems, and hormone-related concerns. Stress is also linked to heart disease, cancer, dementia, and many other health conditions including accelerated aging.  

All these symptoms, and many others, are signals from your body telling you that it’s overstressed and needs to recover, and this guide will show you how to do it based on your unique stress type

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  1. What is adrenal distress?
  2. The stress-adrenal distress connection
  3. Understanding your unique stress type
  4. Why you struggle with anxiety, sleep, and low energy
  5. Make time for some true SelfC.A.R.E.™
  6. Living in total wellness, today and every day

Dr. Doni is always looking for the root cause of her patient’s medical concerns. And yet in the case of adrenal distress – which is the real cause of fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, weight gain, and joint pain – most practitioners miss the diagnosis.

This guide is a great starting point for an accurate diagnosis, and if you want to dive deeper and fast track improving your health, begin by taking my free Stress Type Quiz™ to discover your unique stress type and a tailored protocol to address it.  

If you’d like personalized help on how to recover from stress, schedule an appointment with me, and we’ll work together so you can master your health.


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