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Know Your Stress Type with Dr. Doni (Episode 107)

There are 5 "stress types" based on your body's cortisol levels. Once you know your stress type, you can strategically start to resolve your health concerns.
Know Your Stress Type with Dr. Doni! | MASTER YOUR STRESS - BOOK LAUNCH | How Humans Heal Podcast

I believe it is essential for each of you to know your stress type. 

That is one of the five stress types I have identified in my clinical experience and research.  

These stress types are based on cortisol levels – measured at four different times of day in urine or saliva – and adrenaline (norepinephrine and epinephrine) levels.  

These tests are not done in a standard doctor’s appointment. And they are not covered by insurance. Currently, these tests are available through my office for patients and program participants.  

I highly recommend it for everyone who wants to strategically resolve health concerns, prevent the need for medications, and improve longevity. 

You can also determine your stress type (a high likelihood of what it is) with the assessment in my book – Master Your Stress, Reset Your Health. Or you can use that quiz online at  

Once you know your stress type, then use the Master Your Stress, Reset Your Health book to optimize your cortisol and adrenaline levels based on your stress type.  

Get started by getting the book and signing up for my Self C.A.R.E. Stress Reset here:  

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