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The Healing Power of Wellness: Dr. Doni Wilson on Tita Talks


Show Notes:

Sonia Tita Puopolo Presents a Wellness World USA™ Podcast, Tita Talks. This episode of TITA TALKS features Dr. Doni  Wilson.  Dr. Doni is a naturopathic doctor, certified professional midwife, and nutrition specialist.  She has more than 2 decades of experience helping patients improve and heal challenging health conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety/stress, and autoimmunity and fertility issues. Dr. Doni developed her signature, proven Stress Recovery Protocol™, which identifies how stress uniquely affects each individual. Stress can create havoc in one’s life and in fact, can cause disease and major chronic health conditions and today, we are talking about Dr. Doni’s book MASTER YOUR STRESS, RESET YOUR HEALTH: The Personalized Program to Calm Anxiety, Boost Energy, and Beat Burnout and “The Healing Power of wellness: A Selfcare Tool For You!”  

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