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Transform the Way We Support Women with Dr. Kyrin Dunston (Episode 85)

Dr. Kyrin Dunston talks about how to support women in fighting the chronic health issues that conventional medicine ignores.

The quality of health and life women put up with is much less than what is possible. We accept it as the norm – to feel terrible – but the opposite is possible – to feel amazing. 

Hearing this from an OBGYN is eye-opening. Dr. Kyrin Dunston [@kyrindunstonmd] is saying what women have been noticing – that conventional care is good at emergency care, but not reversing chronic issues. 

Whether perimenopause, postmenopause, menstrual irregularities, HPV and abnormal paps, recurrent infections, anxiety and depression, fatigue, weight gain, and/or low sex drive – this message applies.  

You don’t have to keep on dealing with feeling uncomfortable, in fear, and alone, blaming yourself. And a fist-full of prescriptions is not going to fix it. 

But the answers are not likely to come from a visit with your standard doctor’s office. This is coming from an MD who has decided to tell the truth.  

Living in a state of hormone impoverishment: It’s not okay. Even if your labs are all “normal.” We need to do better to support women and our specific health issues.

In this episode we talk about: 

Instead of waiting until you have a disease to prescribe a medicine or perform surgery so doctors can be victors, it’s time to provide information that can stop the pattern from progressing in the first place.  

Dr. Kyrin even covers the myths of health care and insurance, and she breaks down the truth about hormone replacement therapy.  

Please listen in for a conversation that will give you a bird’s eye view of health care and your health and empower you to make choices that has the potential to completely shift the trajectory of your life. 

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